South Florida Commercial Roofing Contractor

PSI Roofing provides premium services and products by educating our clients and creating trust, respect and satisfaction while forming long-lasting relationships.

PSI provides 24/7 emergency leak repair service with a 4 hour maximum emergency response time. We are qualified to make repairs to any type of roof and are approved to complete warranty repairs.
Are you looking for a commercial roofing contractor in Florida? PSI Roofing is a South Florida roofing contractor whose philosophy is to install the best roof possible in every situation.
Regular maintenance on your commercial roof can save time and headache longterm. PSI Roofing’s maintenance program locks in your cost and provides a watertight leak free guarantee.
Our Roof Assets Management services include regular maintenance, custom replacement options, work history reports, annual budget summaries, warranty tracking and inspections.
We specialize in restoring commercial properties damaged by wind, fire and other disasters. We offer all of the needed assistance to complete your building restoration and get back in business.
Extend the life of your roof by having PSI install a waterproofing and coating system. These waterproofing solutions can also be installed on parking decks, masonry and exterior walls.


“Since 1994 we have made it a point to complete our projects in a prompt and professional manner, and to go above and beyond the call of duty to achieve customer satisfaction.”
Darrick Gockerell, CEO, PSI Roofing