Why 24-Hour Emergency Services Are Important For Your Flat Roof

Nobody likes to be awakened in the dead of night to deal with an emergency. But a storm can come in and rain down havoc on your commercial roof at any time. Having 24-hour emergency services available is crucial to keeping your business running. 

Storm Management

Storm management of your flat roof or low-slope commercial roof can overwhelm even the most capable facilities manager.

You and your facilities crew may be able to handle some small parts of rooftop storm damage, but you also need 24-hour emergency services from your reliable commercial roofer.  

Storm management is preparation for the incoming high winds and heavy rains, monitoring throughout the critical time, and prompt inspection and repair afterwards. 


A top-notch commercial roofer is more than reactive. Great roofers monitor weather forecasts, especially during hurricane season. We can know seven days in advance if a major storm is brewing and where that hurricane is headed.

Facilities managers and commercial property owners can tune in to those same forecasts, to properly prepare the roof, line up relief when the storm damage descends, and get the roof repaired after the big blow. 


A rooftop inspection and minor repairs done ahead of the hurricane can minimize damage. Even if you wisely participate in an annual maintenance plan, your commercial roofer can walk the roof, remove debris, and check that your roof is secure:

  • Clear internal drains
  • Open parapet scuppers
  • Tightly sealed seams
  • Anchored flashing
  • Flexible, strongly adhered caulking
  • Firmly planted mechanical fasteners
  • No loose objects anywhere on the roof

That small effort helps your building avoid crippling roof damage. That is storm management; we can’t manage the hurricane itself, but we can manage our preparation and follow up. 


By already partnering with your local, supportive commercial roofer, you and your business rise to the top of any 24-hour emergency services list.

During the storm you and your roofer can track wind speed, direction of the hurricane, and rainfall amounts, so you can prepare the schedule of necessary repairs. 


Your reliable commercial roofer will roll equipment, crews, and supplies at the first opportunity after the storm, making your roof among the first to benefit from 24-hour emergency services and complete roof repair. 

Please contact us at PSI Roofing to learn how a partnership with your highly skilled, local commercial roofer can keep you in business through the worst that Mother Nature throws at us.