3 Reasons Why You Need a Roof Monitor

Help wanted: Position requires standing on commercial property’s rooftop 24 hours a day, seven days a week; no holidays, no sick days, no time off. Few people would apply for such a job, but to fully protect your company’s roof, such a job is needed. A roof monitor can fulfill that, plus provide other benefits. For employee protection, safeguarding against lawsuits, and structural integrity of your business, consider a roof monitor.

Employee Protection

A rooftop monitoring system that includes Edge Defense™ technology can prevent tragic and costly falls off commercial roof edges. The Edge Defense™ mats are coated with an ultraviolet light preventative that inhibits chemical breakdown of the safety mats. An employee steps onto the mat, and an alarm sounds. This increases awareness of roof edges and prevents falls.

The Edge Defense™ mats provide for personalized entry and exit points, withstand rust and dents, and are:

  1. Non-corrosive
  2. Anti-static
  3. Flexible

Safeguard Against Lawsuits

A fall by an employee is any facility manager’s nightmare, but a fall by a visitor, outside vendor or even casual intruder can be a legal tangle nobody wants. Consider, too, the legal ramifications of a neglected roof that collapses on inventory, employees, customers and outside vendors.

With a roof monitoring system, you not only can prevent falls by anybody on your commercial roof (even uninvited guests), you can also prevent damage to your building’s interior.

Structural Integrity

A low-slope roof generally only slopes around 0.125” per foot, hardly enough to even notice. This is why many people use their Fort Lauderdale commercial roof for activities; it is almost like walking on a regular floor. You cannot easily notice a small deflection in so expansive a surface as a typical commercial roof for Fort Lauderdale businesses.

Since the human eye cannot notice these changes in surface across large roofs, the work of noticing thermal expansion, insulation depression and live loads falls to the Roof Sensor, a vital part of a complete roof monitoring system. It can detect water, fluctuations due to wind pressure, and live loads from animals and trespassers.

With Roof Sensors placed around a commercial roof, Fort Lauderdale businesses get constant, complete data on the condition and structural integrity of the roof.

To learn more about the roof monitor system, including Edge Defense™, Roof Sensors and a full-time monitoring service with telephone operators, contact us at PSI Roofing.