South Florida is, delightfully, very nearly a country apart from the rest of America. We have semitropical weather while our northern friends have snow. We move to music that connects to South American, Caribbean and Spanish roots. And we deal with so much sun, we need commercial roof repair more often for sun damage than water damage. We may live free and easy, but our businesses are important to us, and nobody wants to devalue their commercial property by making these three mistakes. 

Don’t Worry It’ll Look Great!

Think long and hard before you transform your business building’s facade and interior to match whatever you think is the new and trendy look. You may be out of touch with what really is new and trendy for the customers you want. Slathering rigid foam board and stucco all over your storefront can be a fire hazard. Unless you are a retail concern deliberately marketing to hipsters, avoid:

  • Rough wood and raw materials that can catch customers’ clothes or rub their skin
  • Eclectic, clashing styles that signal your indecision
  • Garish and superficial facades that telegraph “cheap”
  • Brutalism and its inhumane, “hard” look

Deferring Essential Services

Consider your commercial property’s roof: it protects your building and preserves your business. When you need commercial roof repair, do not delay. Reallocate money, tap your line of credit, but find a way to pay for needed services. The same is true for pest control, because in South Florida especially, nothing puts off customers and commercial tenants more than even the merest suggestion of insect or rodent problems.

Bottom Dollar

Hiring a roofing contractor for commercial roof repair, a cleaning company for nightly service, or a carting company for haulage based only on their being the cheapest choice is a decision you will instantly regret.

At the first hard rain, that cheap commercial roof repair will leak. The “economical” cleaning company may be hiring day night laborers from the local community college instead of trained professionals. And the carting company may be tossing your company trash alongside Route One, where your letterhead and corporate logo will make your business look like a litterer.

Spend wisely on needed services that keep your business looking great and keep your property value up. When you need the best in commercial roof repair for your South Florida company, turn to PSI Roofing. We are your local, reliable, conscientious roofer.