4 Reasons Why Your Flat Roof Has Leaks

A low-slope or “flat” roof can leak for many reasons, such as deferring maintenance that allows small problems to grow large. Four very common problems call for professional prowess. 

Flashing Failures

Old, loose or missing flashing at key points allows water to enter between unlike materials. Flashing covers over and protects joints between brick parapets and the roof, between HVAC curbs and roofing membrane, and around internal drains. Many places on a low-slope roof are flashed over to keep water from seeping in. Just as many places can suffer flashing failures. 

An experienced roofer can spot flashing trouble long before it lets water into the roof deck or inside your building, where it can ruin inventory or cause mold growth. A roofer’s trained eye often sees issues your own facilities crew may overlook. 

Ponding Problems

When water compresses rooftop insulation, it changes the roof’s slope. These low areas then allow water to build up instead of runoff. Ponding water leads to even more ponding since the water weight further compresses an ever-widening area of your roof. The antidote for ponding problems is a regular maintenance program from a local, trustworthy roofer. Regular maintenance is cheaper than stripping your roof down to the insulation to replace it.

Membrane Mayhem

Outdated, aged, or punctured membrane across your roof expanse will allow water to enter one place, run under the membrane for many feet, and drip into the roof deck elsewhere. Such leaks are fiendishly hard to find. Preventing membrane mayhem starts with a maintenance strategy that provides for frequent inspection by your roofing partner. 

Depend on your roofing partner to pick the right membrane repair. Allowing your facilities crew to accidentally use incompatible adhesives or mismatched materials (thermoset versus thermoplastics, for example) will only add to your membrane misery. 

Environmental Encounters

In and around Oakland Park, roofs grow heavy with rain, get wind-raked by hurricanes, and saturated by frequent Florida showers.

Then the sun comes out. Sunlight bakes your roof, heating and expanding metal — it nearly sizzles — and ultraviolet rays break down chemicals in roof coatings. 

Fixing damage from environmental encounters is a job for your roofing contractor. With regular maintenance and repair, sun-scorched open seams can be sealed. Water-soaked insulation can be removed and replaced. PSI Roofing is your perfect partner in low-slope roofing. Whatever is causing your leak, we will find it and fix it, fast. Contact us today!