flat roof maintenance and other steps to protect your roof

Everything seems to have a price tag these days. When you own a business, you constantly feel pressured between suppliers and customers, income and expense. Taking care of your flat roof maintenance, however, need not be a budget-buster. Four simple steps you can take to keep your flat roof performing for years to come are not only easy to implement, they are inexpensive, as well. 

1. Reduce Foot Traffic

This costs almost nothing but turns an immediate profit. Keep a log of rooftop access, and limit foot traffic on the surface. Whether your flat roof is modified bitumen or single ply, friction is not your friend.

Repair personnel, satellite dish installers, telephone or HVAC workers all wear boots that will abrade your roof’s surface. This increases your costs of flat roof maintenance, because a thoughtless pivot by a worker in steel-toed boots can tear single ply membrane or dislodge a ballast. The degraded surface will be susceptible to leaks.

2. Roof Inspection

While cutting back on foot traffic is helpful, you do want the feet of a reliable roofing contractor, such as PSI Roofing, to perform annual or semiannual inspections. Flat roof maintenance starts with a baseline evaluation of your roof’s current condition:

  • Surface wear
  • Seams
  • Flashing
  • Parapet
  • Drainage

Monitoring your roof for signs of incipient leaks can help prevent something small from turning into a big, expensive repair.

3. Drains

Your commercial property’s scuppers and interior drains can clog quickly. Regular flat roof maintenance can keep these problem areas from causing major leaks or extensive roof damage. The strainers that sit atop interior drains are especially prone to clogging, since debris washes with some force down toward the drain. Once a back-up starts, the area around the drain weakens quickly.

Regular inspection and flat roof maintenance by either your own building maintenance staff or the experts at PSI Roofing can keep your drainage system operating flawlessly.

4. Prompt Repair

When PSI Roofing does discover a small issue, such as an open seam or degraded sealant around flashing, prompt repair is the proper follow-up to flat roof maintenance. A small crew of one or two roofing technicians can handle a little job that avoids the need for a full re-roofing crew to fix a neglected roof later.

Another simple step you can take today is to contact PSI Roofing to learn more about roof maintenance plans and our watertight, leak-free guarantee.