5 facs about flat roof maintenance

Flat roofs are ideal for large commercial buildings and industrial applications. Unfortunately, these roofing types require more maintenance, more frequently. Here are five maintenance and inspection tips to keep your Florida flat roof in tip-top shape.

Flat Roof Maintenance and Inspection Tips

1. Drains and scuppers

Clogged drain holes or side scuppers cause water to remain on a flat roof. Unless your building is single story and situated among trees, you can probably get away with cleaning drains a few times a year. A quick walk around the roof once a month will ensure this problem doesn’t develop.

2. Ponding Water

Random puddles on a roof indicate sagging and/or buckling. This can quickly become a problem with Florida’s heavy rainfall. If you notice this, you should schedule an inspection by a roofing professional.

3. Post storm inspection

Storms in Florida can be rough on roofs. Heavy wind-blown rain has a way of taking advantage of even minor roof weaknesses. Up top, do a walk-around looking for obvious damage like separated flashings. Next, go inside and look for signs of leaks. This is a good time to identify and fix problems that are just beginning.

4. Flashing inspection

Roof flashings protect seams, which are the weakest point when it comes to developing leaks. Over time, flashing become loose for a variety of reasons, which allows water to enter and remain in the seams. Inspect these areas at least quarterly and pay special attention to the area around vents, skylights and other openings. Minor separations can be patched, but more serious flashing damage requires professional attention.

5. Area inspection

This is when you walk the entire roof looking for anything out of the ordinary. Check for holes and cracks, and if your roof is asphalt as most flat roofs are, keep an eye out for bubbles and blisters that often form in the hot, Florida sun. All are  indications of problems and must be patched immediately. Even the smallest entry point can cause considerable damage. If a problem is found, perform an interior inspection to ensure leaks haven’t formed.


Prevention is easier than correction. Schedule time each month to catch little problems before they become disasters.

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