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Florida’s sunny weather is deceptive. Commercial buildings with low-slope or flat roof construction may seem impervious to harsh weather, but the large expanses bake under Florida’s tropical sun. Pounding rain and strong winds from our less sunny days take their toll. We at PSI Roofing recommend an annual commercial roof inspection, for five good reasons. 

1. Leaks

Low-slope roof leaks are challenging to diagnose. While most single-membrane leaks occur at edge seams (where metal holding strips meet parapet or roof edge), leaks are not limited to obvious places. Ultraviolet damage to membrane or built-up roofing materials can start a leak that travels laterally before appearing inside your structure. Only an annual commercial roof inspection will give you accurate data on leaks.

2. Assess Active Aging

Your roof has two ages. One derives from the calendar years since installation. The other comes from active aging. From sun damage to water ponding, some parts of your roof age faster than others. Only with annual commercial roof inspection will you and your roofing contractor find evidence of active aging, crazing, weathering and cracking.

3. Maintenance and Cleaning

An annual commercial roof inspection can telescope into cleaning and general maintenance. Your building staff may occasionally go up top to work on HVAC equipment or standpipes, but a roofing contractor of PSI Roofing’s caliber can expertly clean your roof, repair minor issues and check for damage from wind-blown debris.

4. Modifications and Code Compliance

Some roofs predate innovations in cool roof technology, computer-controlled HVAC systems, and fire protection. An annual commercial roof inspection can make sure you have modern lightning mitigation, energy-efficient roof materials, and even passive solar lighting options to decrease energy bills.

If your building is mature, your roof may be out of compliance with updated building codes, especially regarding hurricane readiness. A commercial roofer of PSI Roofing’s quality and experience can help you with modern building codes incorporating hurricane preparation.

5. Speaking of Storms…

Florida does not need a hurricane to remind us that our commercial roofs sustain high winds, wind-borne debris, and horizontally driven rain. Hail, too, such as the June, 2014 hail that hit Miami-Dade County, punishes all types of commercial roofs.

Immediately following major severe weather, contact a trustworthy commercial roofer such as PSI Roofing to perform a post-storm commercial roof inspection. We can check for obvious damage and prevent water infiltration from leading to more serious problems.

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