5 Things You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Repair Costs

Smart facilities managers have more questions than they have answers. How long will waterproof coatings last? Are LED bulbs more cost-efficient than CFLs? How much will roof repair cost? 

Does Age Affect Repair Estimates?

We mean your roof’s age, not yours. Yes, your roof’s age affects the repair costs. The older a roof is, the more extensive repairs will probably need to be. Add to the estimate’s complexity any concerns in matching existing materials.

A leading cause of failed repairs is selecting the wrong repair substance for the existing roof. An older material, like Modified Bitumen, should not be “repaired” with single-ply membrane. 

Can You Just Repair This One Spot?

You know about one water leak. Your roofer has a responsibility to find them all. A conscientious commercial roofer will identify every part which needs attention:

  • HVAC curbs
  • Flashing
  • Parapets and scuppers
  • Internal drains

With low-slope roofing, a leak found inside the northeast corner of the interior may actually start in the southwest corner of your roof. A commercial roofer checks everything

You Have X-Ray Vision, Right?

A roofing estimate is only an estimate, and the total repair costs may climb if unknown issues are uncovered during repair.

Suppose you know of one open seam, and then your roofer finds layers of shaped insulation which are saturated and must be replaced. Then corrosion is discovered in the roof deck, below the insulation.

All of these must be addressed, and all of them adds to the roof repair cost. 

One Guy, Two Days, Yes?

The time needed to affect a good commercial roof repair may not be accurately reflected in an initial estimate. More detailed work, or work across more of your roof, may take longer and involve a larger crew than initially calculated. 

No two commercial roofs are identical, so repair schedules are not identical, either. 

This Your First Roof?

The more experienced and highly trained your commercial roofer, the more valuable the repair work. You do get what you pay for. Be willing to pay for a truly professional roof repair. 

Whether you pay a cut rate or a premium, eventually you end up paying what is needed to preserve your company’s roof. A “low-cost” repair could wind up costing you a pretty penny. For perfect roof repair priced right, contact us at PSI Roofing today. We provide accurate estimates and extensive commercial roofing and repair services.