The low-slope roof of your Miami-area commercial building is failing; you know that, and so do the folks who set budgets for roof repair and replacement. Unfortunately a complete tear-off and replacement is not in the budget this year. How do you make your commercial roof last a bit longer?

1. Reduce Foot Traffic but Increase Inspections

This may sound contradictory, but keeping stray boots off your roof while also inspecting it more frequently can help stretch its life. Window washers, HVAC technicians and satellite installers will have little regard for where their feet take them. Escort third-party providers to increase your roof’s life span.

At the same time you cut back on foot traffic, increase inspections by qualified roofers such as PSI Roofing. Consider semiannual or even quarterly trips up to assess the roof’s condition and provide timely reports.

2. Replace Mechanical Fasteners

Edge metal and flashing that has been improperly attached (using roofing nails instead of rivets, for example) is often a trouble spot in an older roof. Previous, hastily performed repairs may also weaken these mechanical fastenings. Look for:

  • Worn rivet heads
  • Oval holes, indicating loose fasteners
  • Roofing nails instead of manufacturer-recommended attachment
  • Loose or missing mechanical fasteners

3. Coatings

Spray or brush-applied liquid coatings can add time to a deteriorating roof. Not only can these products waterproof a failing roof, they can reflect sunlight, reducing the cooling load for the entire building.

4. Spot Roof Repair

With increased inspections comes the resulting reports: the roof is failing here and here and here. Be prepared to spend some money on spot roof repair work.

The goal is to stop water infiltration, because that accelerates the aging process. Make certain your professional roofer uses the correct materials for the type of roof you have.

5. Keep it Clean and Dry

The longer your failing roof stays free of debris and standing water, the longer it will last. After storms and in high winds:

  • Check the roof for wind-borne debris deposited on the roof
  • Clean out interior drains and parapet scuppers to ensure adequate drainage
  • Check fastening points of rooftop add-ons, such as HVAC equipment, satellite dishes and other additions
  • Check for overhead trees whose branches could scrape or damage the roof

To help your failing roof and provide timely roof repair, contact PSI Roofing. We can work with you to extend the life of your property’s commercial roof.