You may not have to actually walk up on your commercial property’s roof to diagnose the need for commercial roof repair. The rest of your building could be sending you signals that point toward repair, or tear-off and replacement. Recognizing seven signs early enough could prevent a small repair from growing into an expensive roof replacement.

1. Moisture Problems

If your roof is not absolutely watertight, moisture can infiltrate and wreak havoc with your building’s environmental controls. High humidity, water stains on ceilings and increases in insect or rodent problems or populations could mean water is entering through the rooftop, soaking into insulation, and coming down inside walls.

2. Climbing Energy Bills

Your roof may have lost a lot of its reflectivity, forcing your cooling system to work harder to maintain comfortable interior temperatures. Here in Miami this is a huge money drain and means you need commercial roof repair quickly.

3. Bubbles

To see this sign, you must be on the roof. Most roof bubbles in built-up roofing and chemically adhered single ply roofing come from moisture building up under the top layer. You can consider the number of bubbles as an indicator of the time you have: the more bubbles, the sooner you need commercial roof repair.

4. Sagging

Sagging or low spots indicate a problem that may be below the top surface of your roof. Previous ponding may have compressed the roof insulation or a roof deck joist may be broken.

5. Open Seams

Anytime you see failure of the chemicals or mechanical fastenings holding seams together, water will find its way in. You need to consider commercial roof repair when seams are no longer sealed.

6. Clogged Drains

During the next Miami downpour, look at your exterior downspouts. If you are not seeing a volume of water roughly equal to what is landing on your roof, you may find ponding and clogged rooftop drains. These are both strong signs you need commercial roof repair. The clogged drains—scuppers and interior drains—allow water to begin ponding.

7. Flimsy Flashing

While on the roof, check the metal flashing around the parapet, at roof piercings, and when the roof changes levels. If you see gaps, if metal flashing is dislodged or missing, you need professional, commercial roof repair very soon.

If you see any of these signs on your commercial property’s roof, contact PSI Roofing today to schedule an inspection.