Roof Maintenance Prevents Repairs in Florida Weather

Your commercial property’s flat roof is a kind of umbrella insurance policy for your business; it protects everything beneath it, keeping your business thriving, protecting inventory, sheltering employees and customers alike. You can avoid costly flat roof repairs with a kind of insurance policy for the roof: regular inspection and maintenance. Mind the four Ps of low-slope or flat roof work and save your company money.


To avoid costly flat roof repairs, partner with a reliable, local commercial roofer. Screen your roofer by comparing what prospective roofers say with what they can show — ask for the evidence:

  1. Portfolio of work
  2. Florida roofing license — PSI Roofing’s license number is CCC047136
  3. References
  4. A visit to a physical address
  5. Inventory of equipment — trucks, materials lifts, safety devices, roofing material application equipment

Just about any construction company can claim to be a commercial roofer; ask for evidence!


Avoiding costly repairs centers around an, in person, physical inspection of your existing flat roof. A good roofer will inspect and catalog issues using photographs, infrared cameras, physical inspection (lifting flashing, testing seams, feeling the firmness of mechanical fasteners), and drawing a diagram of your roof. This thorough inspection will form a baseline for continued monitoring of your flat roof.


A good commercial roofer will provide a protection plan for your low-slope roof, based on its unique makeup:

  • Roofing material
  • Slope
  • Age
  • Prevailing wind direction
  • Sun exposure

Many factors affect how your commercial property’s flat roof ages. Even the proximity and height of adjoining buildings can influence how your roof reacts to temperature changes and precipitation.


A good roofing protection plan will include steps now, plus plans for the future:

  • Roof coating — Prolong life, reflect heat and light, and gain stunning beauty
  • Regular, minor roof repair — Stave off more extensive, expensive repairs!
  • Succession planning for the next roof

No company has unlimited funds to replace a low-slope roof. A smaller, wise investment over time for professional roof repair and maintenance can buy you years of service from your existing flat roof. Plus, by partnering with a trustworthy, local roofer, you can plan exactly when you want to replace your company’s roof with a tough, long-lasting replacement.

Contact us at PSI Roofing to arrange an appointment for us to come out to you, take a look at your roof, and offer you helpful suggestions on stretching repair and maintenance dollars for your flat roof.