Forward Thinking

It is such an old and tired adage it has almost lost all meaning: those who fail to plan, plan to fail. The next time you walk on your low-slope commercial roof and find you need roof repair, you may suddenly realize the power of this simple aphorism. By applying a bit of forward thinking right now, though, you can prevent failure, saving your company time and money.

Your Roof Is an Asset

Without your company roof, you have no company. Investing in roof asset management is a smart first move toward lowering the cost of roof repair.

A seasoned Fort Lauderdale commercial roofer can provide customized levels of roof asset management, but every level starts with a thorough inspection and report on conditions. If you are faced with pushback against investing in preventive care, photographic evidence can help. Typical roof inspection reports include pictures documenting problem areas like these:

  • Clogged Drains
  • Blistered membrane
  • Open flashings
  • Open seams

Every issue cataloged is a sign pointing toward roof repair, and not necessarily inexpensive roof repair. The longer you put off roof assets management, the pricier the roof repair becomes.

The Calendar is Your Friend

Because your roof is out of sight, you may forget to visit it regularly. A calendar app or even a simple wall calendar can help you:

  1. Determine annual inspections by your commercial roofer
  2. Jot down post-storm inspections to clear debris

The goal is always the same: prevent costly roof repair work later by taking action now.

The Roof Drives Customers

If you own a storefront property, roof repair often disrupts customer traffic. Customers may be driven away by either water infiltration (with its mold and mildew, ruined inventory, or unpleasant showroom effects) or by complex, noisy roof repair and seemingly unending days of chemical odors.

For a building with paying tenants, multi-day roof repairs are inconvenient. At a minimum, their parking lot will be affected; at a maximum, the chemicals, noise and stockpiled materials could lead to tenant complaints.

Minimal roof repair performed after an annual inspection is typically a one-day job. Customers and tenants are happier; your building is healthier; your income stream flows steadily, uninterrupted.

For the best in roof assets management, fast roof repair, and annual inspection, contact us at PSI Roofing. We are your dependable, trustworthy commercial roofer for Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you.



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