Behind the scenes of flat roof replacement

You know you need it. You may not want it, but you know your business needs a new low-slope roof. Before you commit to such a huge capital investment, you want to know what is involved. Your reputation, as well as the structural integrity of your commercial property, ride on this decision.

Steps to Flat Roof Replacement

Your Fort Lauderdale-area “flat roof” is really a low-slope roof, able to drain most precipitation off the surface before it penetrates. Replacing a low-slope roof is not an easy job, but it is an organized one:

  1. We provide a detailed proposal for your flat roof replacement, including recommendations on roofing materials, repairs, and future maintenance
  2. Our highly trained crews clean your existing roof system
  3. We remove and replace rotted roof sheathing and rotted fascia
  4. We can meet your needs for roofing material, from modified bitumen to built-up roofing (BUR), TPO, or PVC, based on your budget and timeline
  5. We provide a complete walk-through on completion, meeting every concern head-on and leaving no detail overlooked

Details, Details

Based on the size of your company’s roof, we could have a relatively small crew of a half-dozen trained workers, or we could engage crews of 30 or more roofers. With single-ply membrane roofing, a flat roof replacement is quieter, less odorous and faster than other roofing systems. We may need only a few days to reroof your commercial property.

Depending on the materials coming off your old roof, we may be able to recycle some waste, or we can cart and haul away the old roof, keeping your property nearly spotless and staying out the way of customers and employees.

Client Portal

Key to your roofing success is our Client Portal service, where we can field your questions, keep you updated on roofing progress, and inform you of each step of the flat roof replacement. You can see job progress photos, a complete maintenance history, information on your building’s condition, and see your invoice status.  

With a quick call or online contact to PSI Roofing, you can be on your way to a fast, efficient “flat roof” replacement. At PSI Roofing we know low-slope roofing, we know the Fort Lauderdale climate and area, and we are ready with the expertise you need to make quick work of even the toughest roof replacement scenario. Contact us today!