4 Benefits Included In Your PSI Commercial Roof Inspection

Surely you have asked yourself, “What is included in Florida’s International Hamburger Hall of Fame?” Well, perhaps not. But you probably have been curious about what is included in roof inspection for your commercial property. 

1. In a Pickle

Pickles play prominently on Tucker Duke’s Hot Honey Goldsworthy burger in Deerfield Beach. Keep yourself from getting in a pickle by maintaining your commercial roof’s warranty. When your roof was installed, it came with a warranty—a specialized insurance policy, really—that has a cash value. 

If you do not keep up with required maintenance and routine inspections, the materials manufacturer can void the warranty, leaving you without coverage in case of a manufacturing defect. Some warranties even cover installation errors and labor costs to repair damage. 

Regular roof inspections not only protect your roof warranty, but they also provide additional benefits to you, the building owner or manager:

  • Improved roof assets management
  • Longer life span for existing roofing materials
  • Faster discovery of latent issues such as open seams, clogged internal drains, or degraded HVAC curbs
  • Safer work environment for your facilities crew (by keeping them off the roof; please leave low-slope roof inspection, maintenance, and repair to trained professionals)
  • Fewer emergency calls for unexpected roof repair
  • Improved understanding of your roof’s unique needs from your local, reliable commercial roofer

2. Whole Meal Deal

When you buy a la carte, you pay more than when you order a complete meal deal, like the Mix and Match Combos at Oakland Park’s own Burger48. The same is true of a professional roof inspection by a highly skilled commercial roofer. One visit, one price; multiple visits, multiple invoices. 

Included in a roof inspection are tangible and intangible rewards:

  • An in-depth, written evaluation of your roof
  • A detailed inspection report highlighting areas with few or no issues, areas of concern, and areas requiring immediate action
  • Expert advice for all your concerns, with all of your questions answered
  • Peace of mind knowing your roof is in its absolute best shape approaching hurricane season

Contrast the thoroughness and immediacy of a roof inspection with four or five reactive visits by your roofer. Here a leak, there a leak; you pay a premium and risk delayed action by reacting to problems instead of preventing them through roof inspection and follow-up maintenance with roof repairs

3. Bacon, Cheese, and Fries

Almost nobody orders an ordinary hamburger at Coconut Creek’s Brgr Stop; most folks opt for the special little extras. The same is true with a commercial roof inspection. You will not get some plain-Jane once-over, but a carefully custom-tailored commercial roof inspection that covers your roof inside and out:

  • Visual inspection of the roof deck (if accessible) to ensure no rust, rot, water infiltration, or damaged support structure
  • Visual and manual inspection of internal drains, parapet scuppers, gutters, and downspouts to ensure your roof sheds water correctly
  • Photographic documentation of your existing roof, establishing a baseline, and noting problem areas to be resolved
  • Infrared camera inspection to reveal trapped water, damp insulation, and other problems uncovered by thermal imaging
  • Mapping of your entire roof, so that future visits can home in on notable challenge areas like stubborn seams, balky roof access hatches, perennially clogged scuppers, or ponding problems
  • Removal of organic debris, rooted plants, and even small trees (all indications of ponding and insulation compression)

Every commercial roof is different. Each has its own history, its own repair work, and its own life span. Weather conditions, prevailing winds, and even sun orientation affect roofing materials. A complete inspection helps your roofer plan for roof succession while also dealing with immediate problems that must be resolved so your business can continue. 

4. Supersize It!

After an inspection, you need to take action, not postpone decisions. It’s like looking at the burger menu in Billy Jack’s Shack—you just have to order one! 

Your commercial roofer will identify problem spots; these cannot be ignored. 

Instead of viewing the roof inspection as the end, consider it the start of your solution. Think of the roof inspection as the basic meal, and then supersize it through proactive, positive action:

  • Get critical repairs made immediately
  • Establish a maintenance plan
  • Consider joining your roofer’s exclusive premium roof protection plan
  • Make firm appointments for follow-up visits and inspections

Protecting your investment now saves your business money, headaches, and scheduling challenges. You may feel you are burning through your building maintenance budget, but consider the enormous costs of catastrophic roof failure, leaks, and complete roof replacement. 

A roof inspection and subsequent sign-on for a regular maintenance plan will lower your costs, not increase them. 

PSI Roofing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stands ready to provide your commercial property with a complete, professional roof inspection. Contact us today to learn more benefits of regular roof inspections.