6 Benefits Of Hiring A Roofing Contractor For Your Roof Repair

A good night’s sleep is one of many benefits of hiring a roofing contractor and one not to take lightly. The Centers for Disease Control point to a harsh reality affecting owners and managers alike: 1 in 3 American adults don’t get enough sleep. Do you really want to toss and turn worrying over the roof repair done on your commercial property

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Too many building owners and facilities managers seem to take their commercial properties’ roofs for granted. They forget what their roof actually accomplishes, every day, quietly, with little fuss: 

  • Your roof is literally a shield over every other aspect of your business, from raw material to finished stock, from inventory to equipment to supplies, from your dedicated employees to your own office.
  • Your roof helps maintain your building’s climate control, so customers enjoy frequenting your business and buying your products.
  • Your roof shrugs off high winds, harsh rains, hurricanes, and sweltering sunshine so you and your employees can work in comfort and safety inside.

If you wonder what your roof is doing for your business, it keeps you in business. It deserves your attention and the professional services of a roofing contractor. 

Pinching Pennies

In uncertain economic times, we all understand the instinct to pinch pennies. Yet your roof should never be discounted, either in the way you treat it or the resources you dedicate to it. The difference between roof repair performed by your own facilities crew and a professional, commercial roofer is a difference which goes far beyond dollars and cents. 

Your facilities crew may be handy at most maintenance and cleaning tasks around your plant. Much of their work requires basic knowledge of building structure, safe work habits, and simple tools. 

Roofing is different. Roofing work requires training in correct application methods by roofing material manufacturers. It requires specialized fall arrest equipment, thorough knowledge of adhesives and mechanical fasteners, and an ability to diagnose roofing problems quickly and correctly. Your facilities crew, good as they are, cannot be expected to have all that knowledge! 

Sound Sleep

So, sure, hiring a professional roofer to perform roof repair on your commercial property gives you a good night’s sleep. You know you hired the right contractor, you know the job was done correctly, and your company’s future is free of the risk of water infiltration, mold, and damage. 

But you get a lot more than sound sleep. Turning the inspection and repair of your commercial roof over to a commercial roofer also helps in these ways: 

  1. Your professional commercial roofer has the expertise to properly inspect your roof, diagnose current issues, and uncover potential problems.
  2. A roofing contractor makes a thorough effort, ensuring all the commercial roof repair work is done, with no aspect overlooked.
  3. The roof repair work is done correctly the first time, with no worries about missed leaks, improper sloping for drainage, or mismatched materials.
  4. A professional commercial roofing crew will work to your schedule, ensuring all roof repair work is done in a timely manner.
  5. Any needed roof repair uses the best quality materials, is applied correctly, and yields long-lasting repairs you can trust.
  6. Commercial roof repair work is backed by the roofing contractor to ensure the best quality and finest workmanship.

Your Choice

When you need roof repair on your commercial property, you always have choices:

  • Use your facilities crew
  • Hire a local day crew
  • Hire a professional, skilled commercial roofer

How can you know if the job was done correctly, thoroughly, or adequately when you opt for in-house roof repair? Who trained your own facilities crew in proper roof repair methods? How can you know they used the correct materials? A day, a week, a month after the roof was repaired, it may leak again. 

When you opt for a day crew assembled from some big-box home improvement store’s parking lot, you can never know how good a job the crew will do on your company’s roof. You have to locate and purchase the correct roof repair materials — do you even know where to look? You shoulder the responsibility for your decision to skimp on repair costs. 

Why risk so much — your roof, your company, your rest — when you can avoid all the headaches and enjoy all the benefits of using a roofing contractor? Transfer the responsibility and workload to your commercial roofing partner. Enjoy a good night’s rest, and know your facility will be ready to withstand all that Florida weather can throw at it. 

PSI Roofing wants to be your partner in protecting your company. Contact us today to schedule an inspection, provide roof repair services, or maintain your roof. We can help you sleep at night.