What Is The Best Roof Waterproofing?

Potato, po-tah-to; tomato, to-mah-to. Some words seem different just by their pronunciation, but with roof waterproofing, silicone is not silicon. And silicone is the absolute best rooftop waterproofing for low-slope roofs. It is not right for steep-slope roofs, however. The answer to, “What is the best waterproofing?” is really two answers: low-slope and steep-slope roofs. 

Low-Slope Silicone

Silicone is a synthetic polymer product with ingredients straight from the Periodic Table of the Elements:

  • Silicon
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen

The silicon and oxygen chemically combine to make siloxane, a compound that combines three excellent properties ideal for low-slope roofs.

Siloxane is:

  1. hydrophobic (it repels water)
  2. has low thermal conductivity (it insulates)
  3. very flexible (it fills nooks and crannies) 

When applied by trained professionals, silicone as a waterproof coating can add years of useful life to any low-slope roofing surface. Silicone is usually applied as a liquid so it can seep into open seems and solidify there, around flashing, against HVAC curbs, and any place on your low-slope roof that could allow water infiltration. 

Silicone waterproofing tends to comply with gravity’s demands, so it is far more suitable for low-slope roofs than steep-slope roofs. For steep-slope roofs, you need a waterproof mixture that moves a bit less briskly downhill. 

Steep-Slope Acrylic Elastomeric

You may be familiar with exterior paint for a home or business. That paint is often acrylic, but it is applied in a layer only about one-tenth as thick as the products used for steep-slope waterproof coatings. 

Acrylic elastomeric waterproof coatings can be between 15 and 30 mils thick, are brush applied from a can (not sprayed), and harden quickly to form a complete, waterproof membrane. 

Why Delay?

Whether your commercial property has a low-slope roof ideal for silicone waterproofing or a steep-slope roof that needs acrylic elastomeric, time is not on your side. Waterproofing can preserve a worn roof. It can buy you a year or more of planning and financing so you can consider a complete roof replacement.

What waterproofing cannot do is turn back time. Failure to act decisively when water infiltration threatens your roof only leads to greater damage and higher roofing costs. Contact PSI Roofing today to get your water infiltration problems fixed fast. Even a week’s delay can add thousands to your repair bills. We can handle every waterproofing, roof maintenance, and complete roof replacement project you need, and we can handle it right away!