Best Way to Protect Your Investment

Sun, water, sand and a balmy sea breeze are the right ingredients for a perfect day at your local South Florida beach. They are also the elemental ingredients for relentless attacks and cause for deterioration of your commercial property’s exterior, interior and roofing systems.

When you consider that building and roof repairs are a fundamental part of doing business, institute a program of roof assets management and preparedness by working with the right commercial roofing contractor.

Roof Assets Management

Implementing a roof assets management program is all about preventing roof problems, subsequent roof repairs and possible property damage to interlinking building systems before they happen. Makes sense, right?

However, we at PSI Roofing encounter too many commercial property owners and managers that don’t fully acknowledge or engage the complexities involved in maintaining a weatherproof roof, nor why preventive roof maintenance is an essential component for asset protection.

So, we’ve developed a roof assets management program that engages you and helps you to minimize your risk of expensive roof repairs and consequent interior restoration for a long-lasting commercial roof service life. Your roof asset management program may include a variety of options:

  • Initiative: Receive preventive maintenance recommendations that include repair and construction details, digital photographic documentation, architectural drawings and visual observation notes about your roof’s condition. The goal is to help you prevent avoidable roofing damage and resulting interior building water damage.
  • Maintenance: Preventive maintenance is a practical necessity to increase facility up-time and to prevent roof repairs and failure. You receive an annual budget summary that prioritizes roofing requirements.
  • Replacement: If you need a roof replacement, you will receive a comprehensive cost analysis of your options for roofing systems. Compare the pros and cons of each, focusing on sustainable high-performance roofing solutions for application-specific requirements.
  • History: Analyze and assess quarterly maintenance costs, utilizing work history reports that document all roof repairs, renovations and replacements. Knowledge about your roof gives you investment power and protection.
  • Warranty: A roof warranty is an essential asset unless it becomes invalidated by neglecting maintenance requirements or misplacing documentation. With our warranty tracking option, you can rest assured any warranty snafus are eliminated.
  • Access: Gain access to your roofing management projects, scheduled maintenance, photos, documentation, inspection updates and more.

Protect your roof by preventing roof repairs, and you protect your commercial investment. To learn more about our commercial roofing offerings, contact the PSI Roofing team today!