budgeting for your commercial roofing miami

Over the past several years, your roof has become worn and damaged. You are trying to figure out how to create a budget so repair can occur. You know if you wait any longer, your roof’s damage could cause damage inside your building, causing additional damage. If you live in South Florida and need some tips for planning a budget for your new roof, the information below will help. 

Budgeting Tips for Commercial Roofing 

Decide on the Type of Commercial Roofing

The majority of commercial roofing systems are flat roofs, covered either in a single-ply membrane or built up with several layers of products. The roofing material you choose should reflect your business’ size, shape, overall budget, etc.  For some sloped roofing projects, aesthetics are important – asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and tiles may be an option in these cases. Beginning with a decision of a maximum budget and a conversation with your roofing contractor will help determine which products are viable options.

Factor in Labor Cost

If you want a roofing contractor to redo your roof for you, labor cost must also be factored in. PSI Roofing always provides an itemized estimate that includes a breakdown of material and labor cost, as well as any additional factors that may come into play with your re-roof.

Figure in Extra Unknown Damage Cost

Anytime you are replacing your entire roof, it is wise to budget for additional, unforeseen expenses.  Sometimes under old roofs are structural problems and severe rot that needs replacing. It is never wise to put a new roof onto a structure that is worn down and rotted because you will end up needing to replace the roof again within a few years. Any extra amount after the project has been completed can be set aside for ongoing maintenance, repairs, etc.

Final Thoughts

Whenever approaching a substantial project, contact a professional roofing company to provide a free inspection and assessment of the endeavor.  This will help give you a base to work with and know the parameters of what is and is not possible with your re-roof.  Then, when you are ready, we will install your new roof properly with our professional roofing team.

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