Can You Maintain Your Roof Better in 2018?

You are a terrific property manager. You did so many things correctly in 2017, does your building maintenance program even have room for improvement? Of course, it does — or should we say, roof for improvement. For 2018, resolve to provide better roof maintenance using these three tips.

High Standards

Up your roof maintenance game by expecting a little bit more in 2018 from both your own facilities crews and your commercial roofing partner. If seasonal inspections were sufficient last year, perhaps monthly checkups would be better. The experts at Facilities Net remind us that roofs in the Miami area age more rapidly than other commercial roofs due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation, more frequent storms and the occasional hurricane.

From your roofing partner, expect an infrared scan as part of the company’s annual inspection. This might be new to some commercial roofers, but the trained representatives of PSI Roofing know infrared scans can identify hidden, trapped water.

If you thought you had high standards for the high work on your facility’s roof, raising them even slightly will extend the life of your roof.

Book ‘Em

The earlier in busy seasons that you book appointments with your roofing contractor, the better for you and your company’s roof maintenance. Annual inspection is one visit; follow-up repairs could be penciled in at the same time.

Book your facility’s crews roof work in advance. Schedule monthly inspections and rooftop cleanings. Write in times for your crew to clear drains, check HVAC curbs and inspect connectors for pieces like window washing equipment and radio masts. Safety first!

New Roof? Keep It That Way!

When should you develop a roof maintenance plan for a new roof? Facilities Net’s experts also advise on this, and say you can develop the plan during the final walkthrough with the roofing company’s representative and manufacturer’s technical representative. Take advantage of their on-site expertise to establish the plan your crew will implement.
Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan will extend the life of your new roof, preserving your investment.

Of particular importance in the Miami area is code compliance, and here your roofer’s word is valuable. High-velocity hurricane zone (HVHZ) regulations change regularly. Your commercial roofer is vital to ensure your building stays in compliance.

For help in developing New Year’s Rooftop Resolutions, please contact us at PSI Roofing. We can work with you on scheduling, inspections, maintenance and more.