commercial roof repair inspections recommended for Florida business owners

The police headquarters of Allen Park, Michigan, was so badly neglected that its roof leaked, filling the building with a pervasive odor of mold and causing the ceiling tiles to discolor and fall. Michigan declined to spend $2 million on a fix, so after a June deluge that flooded the entire building, City Hall—including the police department—moved. Such roof neglect and obvious need for commercial roof repair is not rare: in September, a Frederick, Maryland business had a large portion of its roof collapse under water weight from ponding water. 

Who Pays?

When a business neglects routine flat roof maintenance, a sudden disaster may be covered by insurance, or it may not be. The insurance adjuster may, rightly, show that the business owner ignored best practices, such as annual inspection and prompt commercial roof repair.

Even if an insurer covers most of the cost of damages from a commercial roof issue, the downtime to a business definitely affects the bottom line. Customers turn away and may not come back. Employees may suffer health effects from exposure to mold and mildew spreading through a building from water infiltrating from a neglected roof.

Prevention: Commercial Roof Inspections & Maintenance

The clogged drains of the Frederick business and the Michigan leaks could have been inexpensively addressed through proper inspections. Especially in the Miami area, where we are prone to torrential downpours, clear scuppers and internal drains can keep your roof intact and your business thriving.

We at PSI Roofing already know that some 90 percent of early roof failures stem from a lack of proper roof maintenance. Whether the commercial roof is single-ply, built-up, metal or modified bitumen, it requires annual inspection and due diligence to keep it working properly.

A Little Prevents a Lot

With an annual inspection, PSI Roofing can lock in your costs. This helps with budgeting; few Miami businesses have—or can afford—a budget line that says, “New roof: huge chunk of our annual income.” We offer a watertight leak-free guarantee. This gives you peace of mind but also lets you know that we are dedicated to avoiding commercial roof repair or replacement. We value your long-term business, not a one-time reroofing job.

The relatively small cost of inspection and minor commercial roof repair for little issues can help you avoid the significantly larger costs of a re-roofing due to neglect.

Contact PSI Roofing today to learn how we can help save your business money through annual inspections.