How to Establish a Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

A commercial roof should have a proper roof maintenance program in place. This will benefit commercial property owners by allowing owners to keep up with minor roof repairs and identify potential problem areas that may lead to costly damage. Maintenance can decrease the chance for leaks, roof tears and other types of damage that would potentially go unnoticed, giving way to bigger problems.

Keep Records

Keeping records will help commercial property owners track everything that happens with the roof. Start with a map and design of the roof, and any and all adornments. Keep track of every major or minor change or repair. The records should also include:


  • The original plans and the designer
  • Any and all roof inspections
  • Product data sheets
  • Any modifications and the plans
  • Materials data sheets
  • The original warranty and any subsequent warranties
  • Any and all maintenance, including who performed the work and when
  • Details for any and all rooftop equipment and the data sheets


Note these details any time work has been done: Who did the work, what was done, when it was done and where on the plans the services were done.

Formulate a plan

Once you have all the records in hand, you will be able to formulate a maintenance program that will best suit your commercial property’s roof. Inspections are the best way to determine any current or future issues, so the first thing to do is to implement an inspection schedule. With a roof inspection twice a year, you will have a good hold on your maintenance program. Schedule your inspections to coincide with times of the year when weather is inclement. It is also important to make inspections after severe weather such as damaging winds, hail and severe lightning.

Implement the Maintenance Program

With all of the information you have gathered about the roof, you will be able to develop a checklist of the items that need to be inspected and maintained twice a year. It is important to have a licensed and experienced roofer perform your inspections. These professionals have years of experience and know what to look for when checking the roof for possible damage or potential repairs.

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