is your Commercial Roof Ready HurricanesHurricane season last year was no joke. Here at PSI Roofing, we ended up having to do a significant amount of commercial roof repairs as a result — many of which were focused on fixing leaks. Unfortunately, meteorologists are predicting a similarly extreme hurricane season this year. Because of this, we highly recommend that you get a head start on roof maintenance and repairs by scheduling a commercial roof inspection to prepare for the heavy rain and winds of the upcoming hurricane season.

Preparing Your Roof for the Hurricane Season

The last thing you’ll want to do is deal with roof damage that could have been prevented. Damage to the roof of your commercial property can cause all kinds of issues, from the disruption of business for any companies renting the property to having to put up tenants at a hotel during repair work on an apartment building, to name a few examples.

You can reduce the risk of experiencing commercial roof damage during the hurricane season by scheduling an inspection beforehand. During an inspection, we will do a thorough evaluation of your roof to determine if there are any present issues. We can repair any vulnerable areas or existing damage so that they aren’t exposed during harsh weather. Your roof will be much less likely to experience damage if it’s in good condition, after all.

It’s also worth noting that even if you’ve had a recent inspection, you should contact a professional if you notice any leaks in your building. Even the smallest of leaks should be addressed. Small leaks can quickly grow into major leaks, which can result in serious water damage to the roof as well as to other parts of your property. Not to mention that whatever is causing that leak is much more vulnerable to damage during hurricane season.

Schedule a Commercial Roof Inspection Today

You might be tempted to wait until after hurricane season to schedule an inspection. After all, this will allow you to determine if any damage has been done. While getting an inspection following bad weather is a good idea, it’s a better idea to do everything you can to prepare your roof for bad weather in order to prevent potentially costly damage from occurring. Preventative repairs or maintenance will save you time and money.

To schedule a commercial roof inspection in the Fort Lauderdale area, be sure to contact us at PSI Roofing today.