What Are Your Commercial Roof Repair Solutions?

When you face commercial roof problems, you have two options: stay in house, and hope your own facilities crew can handle the repairs, or go outside your company and contract with a commercial roofer. Let’s take a look at the “pros” and “cons” of both options. 

In House

If you have a first-class facilities crew — we’re talking maintenance workers, not custodians — then you may be able to stay in-house for minor work. This is, up front, a less expensive approach than hiring a local roofer. Leaving your roof in the hands of skilled amateurs can count as a “pro” in your list of “pros” and “cons.” 

But “up front, today, right now” is not the complete life span of a roof. A roof is meant to last, so tapping the skills and experience of your facilities crew could lead to these “cons:”

  • Voided roof materials warranties
  • Continued leaks
  • Your crew uses unlike, mismatched materials for repairs
  • Your crew overlooks or fails to find a leak source
  • Workers’ boots cause further harm to ballast, membrane, seams, or other roof elements

Sure, we’re biased, but the list of “cons” is a lot longer than the list of “pros” in letting most facilities crews handle commercial roof repair solutions. We advise leaving your already-overworked facilities crew with minor maintenance, like post-storm cleanup, drain clearing, and debris removal. 

Find a Roofer

Emergency roof repair is never an in-house task. Too much is at stake to let your crew learn on the job. Many other roof repairs are also best left to the trained professionals. Consider these pros:

  • A local, reliable commercial roofer has all the right equipment
  • Roof warranties remain
  • Crews know what they are doing; they avoid causing any further damage
  • Your helpful roofer knows the best commercial roof repair solutions for each type of roof

The only possible “con” to tapping a nearby commercial roofer is the added cost, but a proper building budget should already include roof assets management and repair


Ongoing roof maintenance can help you avoid roof repairs. Your commercial roofer can spot and repair a small issue before it becomes a major headache. The best maintenance programs even provide leak-proof guarantees. 

Your best commercial roof repair solution starts with PSI Roofing in Oakland Park. Contact us today to allow us the privilege of helping you prevent roof leaks while resolving your toughest commercial roof challenges.