Are You Prepared When the Next Hurricane Rolls In?

Hurricanes hit Florida without discrimination. Whether your business is prepared for hurricane damage or not, the winds will blow and the rain will fall. How you handle pre-storm preparation and post-storm damage control can be the difference between staying in business and shuttering your doors forever. 

Comprehensive Hurricane Preparedness

PSI Roofing is pleased to offer a comprehensive hurricane preparedness program for clients. Think of it as a Fast Pass for dealing with storm damage. Our new program offers extensive services: 

  • Roof surveys with photo reports
  • Preventive roof repairs and maintenance
  • Pre-storm preparations
  • Post-storm program giving preference to clients who sign up in advance

The program provides an initial assessment, roof and property surveys to record damages, and temporary roof and building repairs. As storm remediation continues, the plan provides for debris removal, drying out building interiors, and complete site cleanup.

By partnering with PSI Roofing well before the next major hurricane, your business is protected from the lingering effects of storm damage. Imagine how busy any roofer becomes after something as powerful as 2018’s Hurricane Michael strikes. Your business becomes a preferred client when you sign up in advance for our services. 

Preparedness is in the Paperwork

Your physical plant is only part of the planning for preparedness. Paperwork is key to getting prompt service and complete repair after a hurricane:

  • Insurance papers 
  • Warranties
  • Roof history as shown from invoices, work orders and repair estimates
  • Photographs of your existing roof

By partnering with a local commercial roofer, much of that information can be safely stored with your contractor. The contractor will know your roof warranties better than anyone. 


Hurricane preparedness is as much a mental process as it is an action plan. Partner with a local, trustworthy roofer and build in a strategy for getting your company back into production as fast as possible. Your roof protects every part of your business. It must be first in line for attention.

PSI’s hurricane preparedness program benefits you and PSI, since we will already know your roof. We can efficiently make necessary repairs, making your business a top priority amid the hectic, post-hurricane days.

PSI Roofing is your hurricane-ready roofer throughout south Florida. We follow best practices, adhere to building codes, and implement cost-saving strategies to mitigate hurricane damage.

Contact PSI Roofing today to learn more about preventative roof repairs and maintenance, pre-storm preparations, and our post-storm program.