roof leak

Florida residents are weather-toughened veterans of hurricanes. We know how to prepare, how to brace, and how to evacuate when needed. Our homes, churches, malls and businesses, however, can only stand in the storm and take the abuse. Over time, the damage from water infiltration—whether from a hurricane or only frequent rains—can take a toll on our properties, leading to commercial roof repair. 


Water infiltration does not instantly lead to commercial roof repair. A leak may take weeks to reveal itself. Sometimes the damage first shows itself inside, in a water-stained ceiling or ruined inventory. Interior water infiltration almost always begins at the same six trouble spots:

  1. Open seams in membranes
  2. Separated layers in modified bitumen rolled materials
  3. Joints between flashing and roof cover
  4. Parapets
  5. Ponding
  6. Clogged internal drains or scuppers

Preventing these leaks—and avoiding commercial roof repair bills—begins with regular inspection and maintenance of the roof.

Interior Signs

Inside your building, your inspections can be more frequent, but some building owners or occupants forget to look up. Check your ceilings. Sniff for evidence of mold or mildew. Look and feel around pipes and wires that pierce the ceiling, as water may trickle down around the opening, leaving behind rust stains.

Some commercial properties have roof decks with interior spaces that are large enough to inspect by your facilities manager or maintenance crew. They should look for stained wood or rusty metal structure, black mold, or the most obvious sign—dripping water.


Water infiltration requires careful commercial roof repair, because one leak during a major Miami storm can emit gallons of water. If this water reaches electrical equipment, an electrical fire could result. Additional risks of water infiltration:

  • Slip and Fall—Customers and employees can hurt themselves when water from a roof leak leaves unexpected puddles
  • Compromised roof structure—Water weakens wood structural members and rusts steelwork
  • Wasted energy—Excessive moisture from water infiltration fights your building’s air conditioning and dehumidification
  • Health issues—Mold and mildew need moisture to gain a foothold and thrive; these airborne spores can lead to employee and customer illnesses
  • Reduced productivity—Water infiltration can be the underlying cause behind high absenteeism, as employees fight chronic respiratory issues and your building suffers from “sick building syndrome.”

When you find water infiltration has you thinking of commercial roof repair on your Miami property, contact our team at PSI Roofing. We have the know-how and professional crews to solve your water infiltration dilemma.