The roof receives the most hits and bruises from the elements. Exposure to UV rays, rain and snow demands regular checks followed up by any necessary repairs. Among the widely used flat roofs in Florida, all require specific maintenance plans and practice.

Maintenance tips for commercial buildings

  • Physical elements: Overhanging trees and limbs can bend and damage the gutters, while their leaves cause debris to collect on the roof. Remove nearby trees and clear the debris as it collects. Check for insects and animals, like squirrels and raccoons, to make sure no unwanted guests have made a home in your roofing system.
  • Avoid walking on the roof: Keep activities on the roof at a minimum, as these weaken the roof. Only walk on designated pathways, and always follow OSHA safety requirements.
  • Check before and after a storm: When expecting extreme weather, like intense heat or storms, inspect the roof and make necessary repairs. After the hurricane season, check the roof again.
  • The flashing: This is a protective layer that guards the seams where the pipes, chimneys, and vents come through the roof. Ensure that none are cracked, bent, or otherwise damaged.

A Sample Roof Maintenance Plan

All buildings with flat roofs and trained staff should have a maintenance plan – those without a trained staff can contact a local roofing contractor to help keep their roof in the best condition.

Weekly maintenance:  Sweep off leaves and drain the water from any ponds that may have formed on your roof top. Moisture posses a huge danger to any roof and should be avoided at all times.

Monthly: Identify and keep track of damages that need to be looked into. An architect, builder or engineer is in the right position to carry out this inspection.

Semi annually: Perform any major repairs that are needed.

Annually: Trouble spots such as a chimney that has crumbling mortar needs fixing. Loose nails should be replaced, and the new set firmly nailed. Check the perimeter of the roof to fish out corrosion. Also, after clearing the debris off the roof, apply a surface protection layer.

This kind of preventive measure protects one’s warranty, and it reduces accumulative repair costs. PSI Roofing in Florida provides excellent service for commercial building roof maintenance. Scheduling an inspection with us is fast, and our technicians are known to perform quickly and effectively.

Roof Maintenance by PSI