The roof of your business is often the last thing you think about when it comes to general maintenance needs. However, when it rains it pours – literally, when it comes to the state of your flat roof repair. Even though Florida enjoys months of sunshine, a single storm can drench us with torrential amounts of rain.  If your flat roof isn’t in good shape, all that rain going to come down on your business.

Exterior Signs of Flat Roof Repair Needs

First: if your own maintenance staff is charged with the task, make sure all OSHA safety requirements are followed when working on a rooftop.

When you take a trip up to the roof, look for some common signs of roof disrepair. Are there bumps or sharp indentations in the plane of the roof? This is often a sign of a sprung board, which can create a cavity for water to fill and then trickle down through.

If you see any standing water puddles it’s usually a sign that your roof is sagging inwards or that your drainage is plugged up. Either way, it’s time to react and assess the damages before that water breaks through. Standing water can also create a nest for mosquitoes and other pest insects that can carry disease, so it’s a good idea to take care of it as soon as possible.

Interior Inspections

Interior inspections can help identify a need for flat roof repair long before a weak spot is able to be identified by a non-professional on the rooftop. Look for discoloration of your concrete walls. If you have or if you have drywall or any fibrous wall material, watch out for sagging, browning or water stains. This is should be addressed immediately.

Whatever the state of your commercial flat roof, when you contact PSI Roofing, we will get you a straight forward assessment to help you out.

You can also track the state of your roofing project online through our client portal so you will always have peace of mind with PSI Roofing, Florida’s premier commercial roofing company for over 25 years!

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