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For any Florida business energy savings is a big part of annual goals. Reducing cooling load directly affects the bottom line, and part of that reduction can come from energy-efficient roofing systems. Innovative materials are being developed all the time. When you familiarize yourself with roofing materials that can help cool your building, lower electricity usage, and increase roof life, you will be ready when the time comes to consider a new roof. 

Energy-Efficient Roofing

PSI Roofing partners with leading manufacturers of energy-efficient roofing, such as Fibertite and Johns Manville. Economical, “green” roofing materials to increase business energy savings include these:

  • Highly reflective single-ply membrane in PVC or EPDM
  • Four-layer fused membrane from Fibertite
  • Light-colored ballast to reflect sunlight
  • Spray coatings that increase reflectivity and emissivity
  • Highly reflective metal roofing
  • Cool Roofing shingles

Lower Cooling Costs

The federal Energy Star program has shown that using cool roofing materials generates big business energy savings, not only with efficient installation but with lower cooling costs over the life of the roof.

When sunlight is reflected instead of absorbed, your commercial property does not heat up and your cooling load decreases. When sunlight is radiated back using high emissivity materials, your building does not retain heat. Again, cooling load goes down, your energy bill goes down, and your profits go up.

Increase Roof Life

Single-ply membranes have some of the longest lifespans of any roofing material. Though seemingly thin when compared to the layers used in built-up roofing (BUR) and modified bitumen, single ply roofing is tough stuff. Part of your business energy savings comes from using materials that need infrequent replacement.  Single ply membrane can last for decades.

An excellent example of the benefits of a single ply roof is the PSI installation for the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where we put down a new GAF single ply roof system, including insulation and high-grade, heavy gauge aluminum coping caps that matched the silver color of the building. The Art Institute garnered a power company rebate and is on schedule to enjoy a six percent reduction in power consumption.

By replacing your business’s roof less often than with other roofing materials, you have a greater return on investment (ROI) and your business uses fewer raw materials.

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