How to Get Exclusive, Premium Long-Term Roof Maintenance From PSI

The term “VIP” took off in World War II when it was stuck to just about everybody with stripes on their shoulder boards. VIP treatment nowadays sometimes involves fuzzy velvet ropes in nightclubs, but for real VIP treatment, you need to be more than a flash in the pan. You need to be a dedicated property manager or commercial building owner. 


You are not wanting to be a VIP for yourself, of course. You want to protect your property. You get special treatment when your business taps into the power of PSI Roofing’s exclusive, premium Long Term Roof Maintenance program

Our warranty and services are guaranteed with your Fort Lauderdale-area business under a maintenance contract with PSI Roofing. You are sure of short response times for all roofing issues:

Florida’s weather is always foremost in property managers’ minds — it has to be, with hurricanes, harsh heat, and high winds constantly threatening commercial properties. Being a VIP client can make your work easier. As a VIP client protected by a maintenance contract with PSI Roofing, your company’s infrastructure is at the top of the list in weather emergencies. You become our priority

Compare that with a cold call to PSI Roofing the day after a hurricane blows through. We simply cannot get to everyone, and we put our loyal customers first. 


Being a VIP client with PSI Roofing gives you a level of close attention others can only hope for. We may not have an actual concierge standing in your lobby, but as part of the exclusive, premium Long Term Roof Maintenance program, your business takes priority over other companies. 

If your business is part of our extended services program, we strive to reach you before major storms and again after the wind settles down. We make your roof our chief concern, so you can rest assured you will stay in business — or be back in business in short order — while your competition makes calls to any roofer in the area. 

Get Moving

As a member of the limited-membership premium Long Term Roof Maintenance program, your business gets:

  • A four-hour response time on emergency calls
  • Work completion (or mitigation) response time of 24 to 48 hours
  • Client Portal Access where you can see your work orders, invoices, in-progress and completed work, and overall yearly costs for budgeting purposes

Because PSI Roofing provides impeccable, top-tier service through this exclusive program, it cannot be open to every business. While any firm of any size can join the program, the offering will be capped as we reach capacity. We will not sacrifice quality, speed of response, or thoroughness in our work to add more clients. 

Join Now

How can your company join the exclusive, premium Long Term Roof Maintenance program offered by PSI Roofing? Only three paths to success exist:

  • Existing clients who have partnered with PSI Roofing for years
  • New clients with new roofs
  • New clients who know the value of investing in proactive, preventive methods to preserve their roof assets who also are willing to implement expert roofing advice

To qualify, your company must be as dedicated to good roofing practices as we are. 

Sign Here

Signing up is simple if you have the foresight and sound judgment to recognize the value of becoming a PSI VIP client. Contact PSI Roofing and allow us to go through a defined process:

  • We interview you to learn your company’s roofing needs
  • We evaluate your business’s roof
  • We prepare budget and maintenance proposals and submit them for your review
  • You sign a yearly or multi-year service contract
  • We set up your client portal and database access
  • We provide a Scope of Work for services performed
  • We perform annual inspections

Your business gains priority positioning when a storm hits. While your competitors are scrambling to beg for roofers (including residential and out-of-state roofers) to fix their commercial properties, PSI Roofing will be at your site, restoring your roof and getting you back in business. 


Nobody can predict the future, not even a VIP. But the typical costs for annual or multi-year service contracts are far lower than the costs of remediating and repairing storm damage. When you fold in the aggravation, disturbance, mental anguish, and stress to you, your employees, and your customers, you cannot afford to be without this vital protection. 

PSI Roofing provides a full range of commercial roof maintenance services for commercial building owners and managers overseeing Fort Lauderdale properties. Contact PSI Roofing today to learn more about our exclusive, premium Long Term Roof Maintenance program.