flat roof maintenance

The flat roof on your Oakland Park business requires maintenance to keep it solid and waterproof. Since they collect more debris, flat proofs can be more problematic than sloped roofs, and it’s often more difficult to diagnose where leaks originate from. Fortunately, frequent inspections and maintenance can prevent your roof from failing prematurely and causing interior problems. Target problem areas and extend the life of your flat roof by up to 30% by following our flat roof maintenance tips:

Clear Debris

Keep drains and scuppers clear so water doesn’t back up on your flat roof. Standing water (referred to as “ponding)”on your roof can lead to major problems that can damage the interior of your business. Sometimes, smaller leaks can go undetected for a long time causing major destruction. Autumn is an especially great time to gently sweep the roof since poorly maintained flat roofs with debris can possibly sprout plants, grass, and trees!

Falling branches can puncture your flat roof membrane. Always clear debris off your roof as soon as possible. Prevent further debris problems by trimming or cutting off branches that are above or near the roof of your business.

Add a Reflective Coating

The harsh weather conditions – high humidity, heat, and hurricane season – in Oakland Park, FL can lead to premature roof deterioration. So, when the sun beats down on your flat roof (whether it’s roll roofing, asphalt, rock, metal, or cement), our liquid, reflective coatings are a smart choice to extend roof life. The coating can even help your business conserve energy.

Check the Flashings and Look for Cracks or Holes

Inspect your roof’s flashings where the majority of leaks often occur. The membrane can separate from flashings due to age or harsh weather conditions (like strong winds), so secure all flashings. Caulk can become brittle and then crack. You can easily and inexpensively remove the cracked caulk and add fresh caulk to keep everything water-tight.

Even the slightest crack or hole can cause major damage if left untreated.

At least three times a year, have your flat roof inspected for debris and other problems.  Even though flat roofs are easier to walk on and inspect than roofs with steep pitches, pay attention and tread carefully. If you can’t safely inspect the roof yourself, or are not entirely certain what to look for, give PSI Roofing a call. A little flat roof maintenance can save you headaches, time, and money in the long run.