flat roof repair

Everyone who owns a business in the Miami area knows that there are big storms and high winds with which to contend.  Not only are hurricanes and tropical storms an issue, now the frequency of tornadoes and other high-wind storms is increasing, as well.  Unfortunately for many flat roof owners, warranties are often voided when flat roofing is subject to winds that exceed 45 miles per hour.   

Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season happens between the beginning of June and the end of November each year. The Miami area has had a run of good luck when it comes to head-on hurricane hits; there hasn’t been one in about a decade.  That doesn’t mean that buildings are safe, of course.  The longer Miami goes without having a major clash with a hurricane, the worse it’s likely to be when one does hit.  It’s important to be prepared for hurricanes; since 1850, more than a third of all Atlantic hurricanes that have impacted the US have made landfall somewhere in Florida.

Tropical Storms and Depressions

Even when a storm doesn’t have enough energy to become a hurricane, it can still produce very high winds, heavy rain and other problematic weather phenomena.  Tropical storms and tropical depressions hit our area fairly often and can produce nearly as much damage as a small hurricane.  With winds that vary between about 40 and 65 miles per hour, they’re certainly capable of causing extensive damage to your building, requiring immediate flat roof repair. Unless you’re insured for such things, there’s a chance that even flat roof damage from a tropical storm isn’t covered for the high wind speeds, leaving you to come up with the cost for repairs on your own.

Dealing with the Damage

Whether your area is hit directly or not, there can still be extensive damage from high winds and excessive rain.  After every wind or rainstorm, it is important to have your maintenance crew, building manager, or roofing company inspect the roof for signs of damage.

At PSI Roofing, we can handle your flat roof repair in a safe, professional manner.  Whatever kind of roof repair you need, our professionals are ready to help you.

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