3 Important Phases In The Process Of Getting A Flat Roof Repair

The process for getting a roof repair for your commercial property is easy for you, but it sets in motion a complex and highly planned set of procedures. You can connect online or call your nearby, dependable commercial roofer. Explain your concern (roof leak, poor drainage, open seams, what-have-you) and arrange a site visit. What happens next?

1. Notice

The first move in getting commercial roof repair is yours. You (or your facilities crew) must notice a flaw, defect, or damaged area. This means regular, careful, and safe inspection of your low-slope roof. 

Knowing your roof’s composition, repair history, and condition can keep costs down. Rather than calling on your commercial roofer for a cosmetic problem, focus on real issues:

  • Dislodged flashing
  • Loose or missing mechanical fasteners
  • Cracked or disintegrated rubber boots on sanitary stacks
  • Broken strainers on internal drains
  • Open seams
  • Peeling or separated caulking around HVAC curbs
  • Ponding

All of these concerns can cause a commercial roof to leak, but they must be seen before any repairs occur. Suppose you do notice a suspicious area, and you call your roofer. The next steps are: 

  1. Your roofer’s representative comes to your building to inspect the roof
  2. The experienced representative zeroes in on the probable area of a roof leak or damage
  3. The representative documents the damage to prepare an estimate for repair
  4. You and your roofing contractor’s representative discuss solutions

Next, you receive a quote for the repair work from your roofer’s representative. Depending on the extent of damage, quotes could come during the site visit or through a follow-up email. 

2. Quote

An accurate, realistic quote for commercial roof repair should include a description of the damage, the exact location of the area of concern, and a Scope of Work describing the process of remedying the problem. The Scope of Work should include listed materials and a sequence of repair steps. 

Never accept a quote from a contractor who cannot be bothered to visit your building. An estimate must be based on visual inspection and (possibly) destructive testing such as core sampling. This is done to ensure compatible materials are used in the repair. 

A good, honest price quote will achieve five things:

  1. It keeps your roof warranty intact.
  2. It adds to your roof’s lifespan.
  3. It allows you to make accurate comparisons if you have more than one contractor bid on the repair work.
  4. It allows for proper budgeting.
  5. It prevents unpleasant surprises when the invoice is generated.

3. Work

Your roofer’s representative will work around your company’s schedule to get the repairs made promptly, with minimal disruption. On the scheduled day, your roofer’s crew will arrive with all the materials and tools needed to make the repair. 

The steps are second nature to experienced roofers:

  • They remove the damaged area, going down through your roof’s layers as needed to ensure proper repairs. For example, damp insulation is a common problem and must be removed and replaced before a new roofing material can be capped over it.
  • They inspect your roof deck as thoroughly as possible, climbing inside to ensure steel elements are not rusted and wooden elements are not rotten.
  • Deep, hidden damage is fixed first, then the successive layers (cover board, insulation, membrane, ballast, etc.) are fixed and finished.
  • Your roof is inspected after the repair work to ensure a proper job and sufficient water resistance; a good project manager will double-check the slope of the repaired area to ensure ponding cannot occur.
  • The crew quickly and efficiently cleans up, removing all supplies and tools before leaving your roof in better shape than they found it. 


A good roofer can keep your commercial roof in excellent shape, working against the many factors capable of destroying it while preserving its value:

  • Age
  • Unauthorized visitors
  • Past neglect
  • Authorized foot traffic
  • Florida’s harsh weather (wind, rain, scorching heat, blazing sunshine with its destructive ultraviolet rays)

Commercial roof repair not only serves to maintain your building’s value but also locks in added savings by helping you plan and finance a scheduled complete roof replacement. Instead of paying for emergency roof services, you control the pace and cost of your roof succession plan. 

The current roof can go through several rounds of roof repair, cleaning, and waterproofing. During that time, and working with your roofer, you can plan for a sensible, economical roof replacement. It might be during a slow season for your business or when material prices take a dip in cost. Sensible roof repair buys you the luxury of choosing the right time for a replacement

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