flat roof repair solutions

There are many types of flat roofs – each with its own unique characteristics and maintenance requirements.  That having been said, here are some of the more common, universal problems that typically require flat roof repair. 

Standing Water

While called a “flat roof”, this style of roofing is actually designed with a low slope.  This prevents water collection. Water that doesn’t drain or evaporate within 72 hours can lead to damage of the roofing material,  eventual leaks and more.

Proper inspections are key to preventing this damage, and we recommend a check during the winter or spring months every year.

Gutters & Drains

Standing water damage is often caused by a clogged drain from the roof area. Leaves and twigs can fall into gutters and drain and prevent water from leaving your roof.

Regular cleaning of the roof gutters combined with a professional inspection can prevent standing water damage.


If even a small amount of water gets trapped in the roofing membrane, it can combine with heat and create blisters. This problem will get worse as the weather gets warmer and sun continues to hit the roof, ultimately causing damage below and shingles or metal roofing.

Consult a professional to see the severity of the blistering on your roof, and create a plan to repair any open areas that could absorb moisture.


In addition to inspecting your tiles or shingles, your roof flashing plays a vital role in regular flat roof repair. Flashing can pull away from the roof surface at joints.  When this happens, a simple reapplication or replacement of the flashing is all that is necessary to restore the waterproof barrier of your roof.


Roofs are made to stand up to some severe weather, and Florida has some definite rain and wind. This frequent weather can create exposed layers in the roofing, and this wear and tear may need eventual replacement.

Alternating extreme sun and shade can also cause thermal movement which may lead to cracking and shifting and require additional maintenance.

For more information on flat roof repair, consult your local experts at PSI Roofing.