3 Benefits Of Hiring A Waterproofing Company

Sunny Florida is actually all wet. Oakland Park, for example, gets a staggering 62 inches of rain a year according to Sperling’s Best Places. All that water has to go somewhere, and your commercial building’s roof is a big target. Mold, mildew, ruined roofs — these are just three of the many problems water can cause in your commercial property. When you hire a roofer with expertise in waterproofing, you get three big benefits that protect your building. 

Waterproofing, Waterproofing Everywhere

A waterproofing company provides highly professional waterproofing on roofs, parking decks, around foundations, below grade, and anywhere in your commercial building where water penetration could lead to problems. 

Though waterproof coatings are most often applied to commercial roofs, they are just as useful in preventing water penetration and damage on vertical surfaces and surfaces like these:

  • Pool decks
  • Plazas
  • Green roofs
  • Solariums
  • Roof-top parking decks

Waterproofing is not only for horizontal surfaces, either. Below grade, exteriors of foundations can be protected against long-term damage from wet soil and high water tables. Waterproof coatings can stave off damage to interior below-grade walls, including basements. 

Added Value

Companies who only provide waterproof coatings are out there, lurking. Companies who only work on commercial roofs are out there, too. When you partner with a well-rounded company like PSI Roofing, you get added value from expertise:

Hiring a roofer with capability in waterproofing gives you a huge advantage. The roofing crew can spot problems on the roof before a waterproof coating is applied, preventing a costly mistake. Locking moisture inside a roof’s many layers is a sure way to cause roof deck degradation, interior mold and mildew problems, and insulation issues. 

Quick Work

Every commercial property manager is working against time. Water damage does not fix itself. Roofs, decks, walls will only get worse. So rather than mull over the decision, make the call to your reliable, local roofer with special skills in waterproofing.

Waterproofing is a valuable and fast capital improvement. With the right experience, proper tools, and a vast history of experience, PSI Roofing can waterproof your roof or structure on a tight schedule, ahead of hurricane season or during a naturally quiescent period in your business. The payoff is immediate. Solve your waterproofing dilemma and provide lasting value to your building by acting now. Make the call. Contact us at PSI Roofing today!