commercial roof can add to your business bottom line

Many times when PSI Roofing crews arrive on commercial repair jobs, we hear variations on the same words: How does this (unexpected) expense fit into our annual budget? Fortunately, although roofing is indeed an expensive investment, businesses can benefit greatly by making this investment with long-term benefits in mind. 

Cooling Costs

A high-quality, energy-efficient commercial roof can lower your building’s cooling costs. Reflecting strong sunlight and dissipating heat, a single ply membrane or spray coating can bring year-round savings for a one-time investment.

Using materials and products identified in the federal Energy Star program, PSI Roofing can help you increase energy efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and add to your bottom line with cool roofing strategies:

  • Choose light-colored membrane
  • Apply highly reflective spray coatings
  • Use better insulation on the deck, below the final roofing material
  • Choose highly emissive products

Inspect to Protect

The old “ounce of prevention” adage holds true with commercial roofing. Use PSI Roofing’s Roof Assets Management and relieve yourself of worry. Annual or semiannual inspections, thorough documentation and excellent, cost-saving advice on preserving your roof will result in lower maintenance costs.

Think of it this way: would you rather pay for a small crew to spend a few hours repairing one or two potential leaks, or possibly close your doors for several days to have an entire roof replaced?

Inspection’s value is to identify minor issues that never get a chance to inflate into major problems. Something as simple as a missing mechanical fastener can admit gallons of water into your roof deck. Such a leak often goes unnoticed, traveling horizontally and only breaking through into occupied space long after major damage has already happened.

Staff Costs

Your business or industry may be large enough to have a dedicated building manager, maintenance staff or facilities department. Their costs—including their time and materials—to repair your roof are, literally, overhead. With proper commercial roof maintenance spread out quarterly, your annual projected expenditures will never skyrocket from an unexpected roofing emergency. The end of the year will bring bonuses, not budget-busting re-roofing.

By controlling roof maintenance costs, PSI Roofing allows you to increase the return on investment (ROI) from any previous roofing expense by extending the useful life of the installation or repair.

To learn more ways we can get your rooftop to improve your bottom line, contact PSI Roofing today.