commercial roof value and property

A quality commercial roof replacement can actually return money to the owners of the affecting buildings. This return on investment comes in the form of increased building value, longer lifespan, energy savings and satisfied tenants. 

Increase Value

By working with your commercial roofing contractor, you can develop a strategy beginning a few years before your roof reaches the end of its life. Begin putting aside part of your budget each year for the complete tear-off and replacement. With advanced planning, you may be able to drastically reduce the financial strain on yourself and the other building owners.

As soon as the new commercial roof is installed, your building is worth substantially more than it was under the old, deteriorating roof. The building will be more secure, more weathertight, and more attractive.

Lengthen the Building’s Useful Life

Some commercial roofs can last nearly five decades. Your building’s roof may be approaching the end of its lifespan, no matter how many times your commercial roofer has repaired it.

With a full roof replacement, the source of damaging leaks, mold and mildew formation and water infiltration is stopped. Your building’s insulation, ceilings, walls and floors will last longer.

Save Energy

Commercial roof replacement is an excellent opportunity to consider an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, cool roof. Reflecting back the sun’s harsh infrared (heat) radiation will lower your building’s cooling costs, saving the building owner money and making tenants and building employees more comfortable.

Have Happier Tenants

With a complete roof replacement, a good roofing contractor will inspect and replace degraded roof insulation. Scuppers and drains can be cleaned, upgraded if needed, and sealed. With less water infiltration, the interior air can be more carefully controlled. All these improvements mean happier tenants:

  • Ideal humidification
  • No flooded roof, grounds or parking lot from clogged rooftop drains and overflow
  • No leaks!
  • Cooler summer and warmer winter indoor air throughout the building

By taking on the logistical and financial work of complete roof replacement, you as the property manager can help your building, its tenants, and its owners.

For additional ways to bolster your case to building owners that a commercial roof replacement can pay for itself, contact PSI Roofing today.