How to be Ready for Emergency Roof Repair

Good commercial roofers have an experienced team standing by to handle any potential emergency. When you call for help, they’ll arrive promptly to assess the situation. Depending on the weather, they’ll make a temporary repair to protect your building from further damage, or get the problem fixed right away. What can you do to prepare for an emergency roof repair? Take the following steps and you can minimize stress and possibly limit the extent of costly damage when an emergency occurs.

Find a Reliable Commercial Roofer

Choosing a reputable, state-licensed commercial roofer now lets you avoid having to search for dependable service when you’re facing a catastrophic leak into your building. When you’re vetting roofers, look for one who’s experienced working with your specific type of roof and offers 24-hour service in an emergency.

Schedule Periodic Roof Inspections

Having your chosen roofer perform roof inspections twice a year and after major storms allows you to stay alert to the condition of your roof. Such inspections should include the roof cover, flashing, drainage system and decking, and you should receive a detailed follow-up report that lists any deficiencies and recommended corrective measures.

Make Routine Maintenance a Habit

Your commercial roofer can provide advice on how to set up a maintenance schedule and a list of tasks to tackle regularly to protect your roof from preventable damage that requires an emergency repair.

Prioritize Needed Repairs

Promptly taking care of the deficiencies noted in each inspection report can help you avert more extensive roof damage during a severe weather event. For example, sealing membrane punctures or tears can help prevent water intrusions into the building, and replacing missing mechanical fasteners can help keep the membrane secure during high winds and avert disastrous billowing or a blow off.

Put Funds Aside for Emergency Repairs

Even if you’re already budgeting for inspections, routine maintenance and a future roof replacement, it’s essential to have funds put aside to cover emergency repairs. Your contractor can advise you on the amount to include in the budget based on your roof’s age and overall condition.

Keep Roof Care Records Up-to-Date

You should have all roof-related records organized and easily accessible in an emergency, including warranty paperwork, maintenance checklists, installation details for new rooftop equipment, and previous inspection reports.
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