If you, as a property manager, receive a call from a tenant upset by a roof leak and the damage it is causing in their offices, it can be difficult to alleviate their worries.  Although immediate repairs might be difficult to procure, no one wants to know that they must wait until “next Monday,” or even “tomorrow.” The secret to satisfied tenants, though, lies in your calendar. Regular biannual, annual or semi-annual inspections and roof repairs can prevent issues that reduce property value and irritate tenants. 

Budgeting Roof Repair

As a building’s owners and investors work to set the next fiscal budget, it is wise to advocate for funds to provide roof inspection and roof repair. This simple strategy can increase the lifespan of your existing roof and offer other benefits:

  • Regular inspection prevents small problems from growing into major headaches
  • Small roof repair jobs are less expensive than major, emergency repair
  • Tenants are less disrupted by regular inspection and minor repair work than from complete tear-off and replacement

Built-in Value

Preserve your commercial property’s value by having a commercial roofing contractor perform localized repairs frequently.

During a roof inspection, the conscientious roofer will document existing or incipient issues:

  • Clogged drains and scuppers
  • Separated seams
  • Failed mechanical fasteners
  • Tears, rips or gouges
  • Reduced quantities of ballast
  • Ponding
  • Damp or damaged insulation

By handling these small issues quickly after an inspection, your commercial roofer can prevent water infiltration and limit any damage. Quick roof repair can mean the difference between exterior-only repairs and substantial investment in new ceiling, drywall, paint and flooring.

Satisfied Tenants

You know tenants are satisfied when you do not hear from them. A roof leak signals to your building’s tenants that their rent or lease money is leaving the building, rather than being used to maintain it. When you consider the possible damage even a small roof leak could cause a tenant’s records, equipment and furnishings, commercial roof repair pays for itself.

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