Hurricane proof your commercial roof: Is that even possible in Florida? Almost! Here's How:Dealing with the occasional hurricane is part of life for commercial building owners and managers in the Fort Lauderdale area. These storms can end up causing severe roof damage due to wind and water, but there are ways to keep your building safe. Taking good care of your commercial roof can help you hurricane proof your roof and prevent severe damage from occurring during these storms.

Code Regulations

Code regulations are in place to ensure that your commercial roof meets specific safety standards. Are all parts of your commercial roofing system up to code? If you think your commercial roof might not meet these regulations, it’s important to have roofing work done to correct this long before storms arrive.

Having repairs or other roofing work done to comply with code regulations provides your commercial roof with more protection from hurricane and tropical storm damage. Being up to code means your roof will have a lower risk of sustaining serious damage if a major hurricane hits.


Your commercial roof might seem to be in good shape if you give it a quick visual inspection. However, you can easily miss signs of wear and tear or minor damage that requires repairs. Professional inspections can help ensure that these roofing problems are caught and dealt with before hurricanes come through the area.

You don’t have to wait until there’s a hurricane on the radar to have an inspection done. Making inspections a routine part of care for your commercial roof before each storm season can help prevent significant damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. A roofing professional will inspect and give you a detailed report on any issues they find.


Although hurricanes bring a lot of wind to the area, you have to worry about water. Water from hurricanes can do a tremendous amount of damage to your commercial roof. In severe cases, water damage can even cause roofs to collapse or cave in, making the rest of your building unsafe.

Having waterproofing done on your commercial roof is an effective way to protect it from water damage. Waterproofing layers help keep water from penetrating your roofing system, which protects the interior of your building from damage. Professional roofers can ensure your commercial roof has waterproofing before storm season starts.

Timely Repairs or Replacement

When you know that your roof needs repairs, delaying these can lead to a much higher risk of hurricane damage. It would be best to have commercial roof repairs done promptly, even minor ones. Timely repairs help ensure that your entire roofing system is in excellent condition for hurricane season.

If your commercial roof needs frequent repairs, it might be time to replace it. Having a commercial roof replacement done means you’ll have a brand new roof with waterproofing in place before storm season hits. Commercial roofing professionals can handle the replacement process, which includes removing your old roof and installing a new roofing system.

Hurricane Proof with Professional Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your commercial roof is vital to protecting it from hurricane and tropical storm damage. You can arrange to have professional maintenance done once a year or more often if needed. This maintenance generally includes having different areas of your roof checked for damage and having repairs done if needed.

Professional roofers can look for leaks, vandalism, and other signs of damage that you might overlook. Having these issues taken care of before hurricane season can keep your roof safe during storms and extend its lifespan. In fact, maintenance might extend your roof’s lifespan by as much as 30 percent.

Clean Up Debris Beforehand

Having branches and other debris on the ground around your building puts your commercial roof at risk of damage when winds pick up during storms. Go around your property, and clean up this kind of debris before hurricanes or tropical storms hit. This helps prevent these large objects from being blown onto your roof and causing damage.

Use Reliable Commercial Roofers

When you need commercial roof repairs, replacement, or maintenance, it’s crucial to find experienced local roofers. PSI Roofing is a company that specializes in commercial roof repairs in the Fort Lauderdale area. Our team of roofing experts can provide you with superior service, including timely repairs and routine maintenance.

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If it’s time to schedule maintenance, an inspection, or repairs for your roof, please contact PSI Roofing. Our knowledgeable roofers in Fort Lauderdale can help keep your commercial roof in good condition.