Recognize the Best Indicators Of An Exceptional Roofer

What makes a commercial roofer exceptionally good? Is it longevity, reliability, or quality? Is it a combination of great customer service, superb workmanship, and quick response time? What should you be looking for in an exceptionally good commercial roofer?


Commercial roofing is a challenging business. Roofers who are able to navigate through year after year of reliable, trustworthy service to businesses and industries are exceptional. 

Staying in commercial roofing for a decade is an achievement. Many residential roofing contractors attempt to branch out into commercial work but realize after a few years that the work is simply too hard, the roofing systems too complex.

Staying in commercial roofing for a quarter of a century is almost unheard of. When you can provide great installation, superior repair and maintenance, and exceptional customer service for 25 years, you are among the very best.

When interviewing prospective commercial roofers for your business, start with those that have been around the longest. They know the work, they know the climate, and they know how to provide exceptional service. 


Commercial roofing systems are far more complicated than residential roofs. The many types of roofs each require thorough training, years of experience installing them, and the sharp eye of a good roofer to identify trouble.

Some commercial roofers specialize in single-ply membranes. They will struggle (without telling you) when faced with modified bitumen or built-up roofing (BUR). Some roofers focus exclusively on metal but will agree to “take a look at” your PVC roof. 

Why let your roof be someone’s learning lab? Insist on the highest quality in all areas of commercial roofing:

Customer Service

Exceptional commercial roofers are also educators. Some customers may not understand the full scope of their low-slope roofs. They may know they have a problem but are hesitant to handle it.

Rather than write off a customer as indecisive, the exceptionally good commercial roofer will educate the client on the risks of doing nothing. Your commercial roof protects the entirety of your business. It must be protected. 


The faster you engage with an exceptional commercial roofer, the sooner your roofing problems will be solved. Trusting a local, long-time roofer like PSI Roofing, you will quickly know the benefits of having an exceptional roofer engaged with your business. In business for 25 years, we strive for success with every job. Contact PSI Roofing today!