How To Tell When You Need Emergency Commercial Roof Repair

That leak you knew about last month? The one in a corner of the roof of the fleet garage? Not am emergency. That hurricane damage your building sustained last night? Definitely an emergency. If you wonder when is commercial roof repair an emergency, and when it is only a repair, consider these ideas. 


If your commercial property sustains enough damage in a short enough time to cause you to consider shuttering the doors, you have an emergency repair. This could mean:

  • Storm damage
  • A dangerous water leak
  • A problem that puts expensive inventory and equipment at risk

Bear in mind that an emergency roof repair may not be a finished job. Tarping and other temporary measures can stave off further damage. Your local commercial roofer will return with a full crew at a later date to complete a thorough repair. This could mean two invoices. 

If you knew about a problem last week and chose not to call for help, you already know the problem is not an emergency. And yet, are you a roofing expert? That small leak may be the first sign of more extensive failure, which brings us to our second idea.


Some factors making a roof repair an emergency, other than seeing intense damage in a short time, include:

  • Widespread damage, as from winds or heavy rain
  • A high volume of water infiltration
  • Multiple leaks
  • Sudden appearance of mold or smell of mildew

If In Doubt

If you are unsure a roof problem is an emergency or just a routine repair, call your contractor. Let your roofer make the decision. That small leak that is only dampening insulation under the single-ply membrane could develop into widespread mold. It could rot wooden roof deck members. It could find its way inside the building envelope and drip on inventory or office equipment. 

Your roofer is interested in a long-term relationship. Your roofer knows when commercial roof repair is an emergency and when it is a less expensive, routine repair. The contractor’s representative is not trying to upsell you when the estimate is for emergency roof repair; you need it!PSI Roofing in Oakland Park is your trusted, local commercial roofer. Contact us if you suspect your commercial property sustained enough roof damage to need emergency roof repair. If in doubt, let us check it out!