A commercial roof for your company is second only to your employees in its power to keep you in business. Trusting your low-slope or flat roof to PSI Roofing is more than a matter of faith. We can demonstrate the eight strands of South Florida roofing service that provide the strength of our commitment to your company. 

1. The PSI Commitment

Integrity First. This philosophy has guided us through 25 years of customer service. We use the best materials, hire the best people, offer the best training, and put down the best commercial roofs in Florida.

2. Roof Assets Management

PSI Roofing understands that your roof shelters your business and your company’s future. We can:

  • Supply detailed maintenance recommendations
  • Provide custom-tailored roof replacement options
  • Maintain a database and client portal access point for your roofing particulars

3. Roof Maintenance

PSI Roofing prizes our long-term customer relationships. PSI Roofing has the experience to provide your commercial building with roof maintenance to prevent leaks, early roofing failure and weather-related damage.

4. Roof Repair and Emergency Service

Among South Florida roofing concerns, PSI Roofing is unrivaled in having specialized crews, a 24/7 leak repair service, and a four-hour maximum emergency response time.

5. Re-Roof

Commercial buildings in and around the Miami area are a catalog of roofing types, and PSI Roofing has experience with all of them:

  • Modified and Built-Up
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Liquid-applied membrane and coatings
  • Shingles
  • Metal Roofs
  • Tiles

6. Insurance Restorations

South Florida roofing companies have a lot of experience dealing with insurance adjusters, and PSI Roofing is no different. We are different, however, in our commitment to providing the best insurance restoration service:

  • Water mitigation
  • Board-up and temporary roofing
  • Structural repair, exterior facade stabilization and repair

We save your company time, money and frustration with our complete service. Better than that, we save your company.

7. Waterproofing

South Florida roofing means waterproofing, and PSI Roofing is your answer. We waterproof roofs, parking decks, masonry and exterior walls. PSI Roofing can apply waterproof coatings for all your building needs.

8. New Roof

Among South Florida roofing contractors, PSI Roofing stands apart due to the hallmarks of our new roof work:

  • Turnkey service
  • Communication
  • Presence
  • Jobsite awareness

From our well-trained employees to our own fleet of trucks and cranes, PSI Roofing stands committed to giving your commercial building a new roof that will keep you in business for years to come.