Make your commercial roof earn its keep

What has your business’s roof done for you lately? For many commercial property owners in the Fort Lauderdale area, they would be grateful if their roofs simply kept out water. Yet modern commercial roofing systems can lower energy costs, increase return on investment, and (in some cases) create a revenue stream.

Lower Energy Costs

Especially in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, reflective roofing makes good economic sense. The sun’s infrared (heat) and ultraviolet radiation pour down on commercial roofing systems, baking out all the chemicals and pumping in tremendous heat loads. By applying highly reflective coatings, your commercial roofer can lower your building’s cooling costs. Other benefits of coatings:

  • Increased waterproofing
  • Reducing the “heat island” effect
  • Longer roof life

The U.S. Department of Energy says cool roofing can cut rooftop temperatures by more than 50°F, helping to lower your cooling costs and conserve energy.

Increased ROI

Typical commercial roofing systems are enormous capital outlays. Your CFO will tell you it makes sense to get the most out of your investment by keeping yearly maintenance costs down and extending the life of the roof as much as possible.

Remember that complete commercial roofing systems begin at the roof deck, so highly efficient insulation may be an up-front expense you are willing to take in order to get greater energy efficiency over the life of a roof.

Other smart ROI strategies:

  • Balancing initial installation costs with estimated annual inspection and repair costs
  • Knowing (years in advance) the tipping point where maintenance and repair becomes too expensive
  • Classifying roof materials by ease of repair, not initial cost

Revenue Stream

Your commercial property’s roof can become a revenue stream if you think creatively. Partner with experts in commercial roofing systems to determine if your building could:

  • Provide square footage for rented sign space, satellite dishes or radio masts
  • Provide a break spot for company employees, complete with smoking area, refreshments and great views
  • Be the neighborhood hot spot for a rooftop bar or restaurant

For more creative and practical ideas on how to tap the value in your company’s commercial roof, contact us at PSI Roofing, Inc. We would be happy to visit your roof and provide some ideas on how to make it earn its keep by saving energy, increasing return on investment and providing a revenue stream.