Miami and Miami’s thriving businesses are never far from water. Salt water from the Atlantic, freshwater from the Miami River or Blue Lagoon, or rainwater from above—we enjoy water and all the recreation and economic benefits it provides. One place we do not want water, though, is atop our commercial properties. Protecting your business from the weather, and all that water, means limiting storm damage to the roof of your building.

Roof Inspections

To minimize the water infiltration storms can bring, have regular roof inspections by a qualified professional, such as PSI Roofing. We can check the condition of seams and flashing, look for evidence of ponding, and check both the internal drains (near the center of a low-slope roof) and parapet scuppers (around the perimeter of your building).

Regular annual or semiannual inspections can identify weak and low spots that could mean trouble at the next heavy downpour. Finding and repairing small problems can save your business:

  • No water leaks
  • No mold or mildew
  • No saturated or damp roof insulation



Between regular inspections, your facilities manager or maintenance crew can check rooftop drainage. The internal drain on a low-slope roof is always a weak area, especially the seams between drain and roof. If the dome strainer is damaged or clogged, water can build up immediately around the drain.

Scuppers, too, often get jammed with sticks, twigs or other debris and create dams for water to back up. This water weight can compress rooftop insulation, causing ponds to form. Over time, these ponds from all that rainwater will create water leaks.


An excellent preventive measure against weather-related water infiltration is a spray or brush coating of waterproofing. Whether acrylic, silicone or another formulation, this added layer of protection can seal degraded seams and keep rainwater out.

Rooftop coatings can add years of useful life to an older roof. With their light-reflecting properties, coatings can also cut your building’s cooling bill.

Weather Ready

Whenever a typically strong Miami rain moves in, be sure to follow up with a quick roof inspection. Remember debris left on your rooftop can easily be thrown to the ground by the next storm, possibly harming people or property and creating a liability for your business.

Contact PSI Roofing today to learn how we can help keep weather-related rooftop issues to a minimum. Then at the next storm, you will know your roof—and business—are safe.