Be Ready -- How to Pick the Company with the Best Emergency Response

Your roof keeps your commercial building’s structural components and interior dry and damage free. This makes it essential to choose the right contractor when you need emergency roof repair for your Fort Lauderdale building. It’s best to vet roofing companies before you’re facing an emergency situation, and look for one with the following capabilities.

Longevity and Experience

For peace of mind that a roofer has ample experience, choose one who has been in business for decades and has installed and repaired your particular type of roof system. Also, look for one who’s certified by your material manufacturer if your roof is still under warranty, and who also knows how to help property owners navigate the insurance claims process.

Knowledge and Skill

In an emergency, you won’t have time to check a contractor’s reputation, references, repair skills and workmanship guarantee if you’re dealing with a serious water intrusion into your building. This makes it vital to perform your due diligence before you’re in such a predicament. When a catastrophe happens, you need a contractor who can quickly and accurately assess the situation and advise you on the best corrective measures, and has a crew with the specialized skills to make repairs that meet Florida’s building code. 


Your best choice is a commercial roofer who understands the need for urgency and dispatches a crew quickly when you call for help. This responsiveness should extend beyond that initial visit if necessary, so there are no unexpected delays in getting your roof repairs completed. After a damaging storm, it’s not uncommon for some roofers to take on more emergency repairs than they can handle. This can leave property owners with a temporary covering on their damaged roof for an extended period until the contractor returns to make the actual repairs.

Weather Awareness

A roofer not only needs to respond promptly in an emergency, but they also need to know how to plan repairs based on the weather conditions. For example, if it’s still raining, a good contractor won’t attempt to patch your leaking roof. Instead, they’ll recommend a temporary measure like covering the leaking area with a tarp to halt further water intrusions and limit damage. Once the weather improves, they’ll follow up promptly to complete the necessary repairs.
For peace of mind that you’re in expert hands when your Fort Lauderdale property needs an emergency roof repair, contact us at PSI Roofing.