In the Miami area, property managers and building owners recognize the beginning of June through the end of November as hurricane season. Protecting your Miami commercial property against hurricanes makes good business sense. You can avoid the cost of extensive roof repair with a little investment of time before hurricanes strike.

Pre-Storm Preparations

Your commercial roofing contractor crews can perform a lot of hurricane preparation:

  • Inspect and clean drains, scuppers and gutters around the building.
  • Remove or tie down any loose rooftop items. This includes antennas, HVAC units, signs, satellite dishes, and maintenance gear like window washing equipment or ladders.
  • Ensure all fan covers, exhaust vents and other protrusions are completely attached.
  • Cover skylights with plywood.
  • Inspect the grounds to remove anything that could be uplifted by winds, such as trash cans, portable signs and display models; these can all be carried up onto the roof or into your building’s sides.

The commercial roofing contractor crew should also take pictures of your roof in its current condition, so any hurricane damage can be immediately noted for your insurance company.

Inspections & Roof Repair

PSI Roofing, your commercial roofing contractor, is happy to inspect our clients’ roofs before a hurricane and perform readiness work. We can advise you on what materials to have on hand for quick repairs, such as sandbags, saws, plywood and hammers. We have crews knowledgeable in roof repair so we can fix small issues before a hurricane inflicts further, more expensive damage.

Hurricanes bring heavy rains, so proper drainage is vital to preventing lasting damage. Hurricanes, unfortunately, also bring disreputable contractors who hope to swoop in and gather insurance money without providing useful service. Only work with a contractor you know, and preferably one who knows your roof.

Cleaning Up and Recovering

After the hurricane passes, contact PSI Roofing’s emergency response teams for emergency roof repair if you see water infiltration, major damage, or find parts of your roof on your grounds.

Try to avoid roof repairs yourself. What looks like a minor roof repair to your maintenance crews could be a small sign of a larger issue.

By forging a working partnership with PSI Roofing before hurricane season, you can protect your Miami commercial property through nature’s worst weather. Contact our offices today.