flat roof maintenance

The Miami sun is beautiful, but it can also be brutal on your commercial roof. When you invest in the capital improvement of a major commercial roofing repair or replacement, you must protect your roof to gain the greatest return on investment. With proper care, regular inspections and maintenance, a commercial roof can last decades, yielding a great ROI.

The Age of Your Roof

A flat roof’s need for service or replacement cannot always be determined by its age. Annual roof inspection and regular maintenance are required to help you identify the repair and maintenance needs to keep your building safe.

PSI Roofing works with building owners, managers, and facilities personnel to inspect, catalog and report on the condition of a commercial or industrial roof. We can perform core sample documentation to identify potential trouble and prevent leaks. We are also able to keep accurate records of roof work history, including photographs for future reference.

Lock In Maintenance

You spent a significant part of your annual budget to either resurface or replace your commercial roofing:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Modified bitumen
  • Shingles
  • Metal
  • Built up roofing (BUR)
  • Spray coating

Follow up the smart investment by locking in proper maintenance, performed by a skilled roofing crew. Some small issues may be easily and inexpensively solved in-house.  However, it is important to provide adequate training to all maintenance staff to ensure that repairs are properly completed according to the roofing manufacturer’s specifications.

Regular commercial roof maintenance is key to a healthy ROI, but locking in savings through our roofing assets management program is an even wiser way to extend your savings.

Professional Help Available

The near-equatorial sun angle in Miami is devastating to commercial roofs. Between infrared radiation and destructive ultraviolet radiation, any roofing system wears out fast. Let PSI Roofing inspect your roof and recommend energy-saving, money-saving strategies for cool roof coatings and reflective roofing.

Contact PSI Roofing today for help with repairing and maintaining your commercial roof.