How To Get Priority Care For Your Flat Roof During Hurricane Season

After a hurricane slams into your commercial property, the last place you want to be is the back of the line. What line? The commercial roofer’s repair line, of course. Make your building and your business a priority by partnering with your local roofer for prompt roof repair. 


Even a little bit of hurricane damage to your low-slope or flat roof can bring your business to a miserable end. A hole opened up by high winds may be directly above critical electrical equipment, pricey inventory, or crucial supplies. Even just dampness migrating from a saturated roof deck into the building can provide footholds for mold and mildew. This can lead to sick employees and customers put off by the odors.

More severe damage can completely shutter your company. A peeled-back roof is an unsafe roof. Wind-scoured ballast and torn roof membrane allows water in, sets up pressure differentials, and can permanently damage the roof deck. 


You step to the front of the neighborhood commercial roofer’s repair line when you sign up ahead of time with your roofer. As a current customer in good times, your business is protected in bad times. The four steps to getting that crucial front-of-the-line spot are simple:

  1. Pre-sign with your local roofer to be part of the priority program. (We keep our priority premium clients to a short list to provide speedy concierge and exclusive services after a storm event.)
  2. Your call to us sets in motion the prompt response; we send a roofer out to check your entire roof and detail what a proper storm management response should include.
  3. Expect a call if you don’t call us after the big storm; PSI Roofing will make sure you checked your roof and even send a roofer out to inspect on weekends.
  4. We arrange quick and thorough commercial roof repairs and storm damage mitigation.


You can be back in business a day after a hurricane blows through, simply by signing up with your commercial roofer to get concierge service. Can you afford to take your chances on staying in business with the potential of roof leaks, electrical fires, mold, and mildew? Can you risk permanent damage to your company’s roof? 

Making your business a priority is your local roofer’s priority. Sign up today at PSI Roofing to get priority care when the next hurricane blows in. Contact us today for more details about our commercial roof priority program for dealing with hurricane season.