A recent gathering of roofing industry professionals witnessed the crowning of GAF President’s Club Award winners, and PSI Roofing is pleased to be among those honored with the President’s Club Commercial Award.

High Standards

GAF is one of the largest roofing materials manufacturers in the world. It sets very high standards for installation of its many products for both residential and commercial use.

Contractors work hard to achieve recognition by GAF, and they must adhere to some of the most stringent requirements in the industry:

  1. Performance: 20 “Perfect 10” inspections; Triple Excellence winner
  2. Reliability: Must have at least 10 years of selling five NDL guarantees in every consecutive year
  3. Service: Annual warranty income of at least $40,000

PSI Roofing received its 2018 Master Select™ Contractor designation at the April, 2019 gathering in Parsippany, New Jersey, but worked hard in the previous 16 months to earn the award.

Best of the Best

Industry awards cut two ways. They benefit the roofer, of course, because they recognize smart business strategies and insider know-how. They also benefit commercial and residential property owners. When you partner with an award-winning, local roofer, you are working with the best of the best.

Recipients of GAF’s President’s Club Award represent the top one or two percent of roofing contractors nationwide. Given the thousands of roofing companies scattered across 50 states, this designation alone gives you the assurance that you are dealing with an outstanding roofer.

When you examine the additional requirements for garnering the award, though, you realize you are teaming with a motivated, success-oriented organization. GAF requires contractors to:

  • Demonstrate proper licensing,
  • Maintain insurance,
  • Have a proven reputation, and
  • Show a commitment to ongoing professional training

Those are all the kind of pass-fail criteria you would use to select roofers for bids on your commercial project. GAF has done the preliminary screening for you.


PSI Roofing is your trustworthy commercial roofer able to provide world-class service throughout southern Florida. From routine repairs to roofing assets management, our highly trained roofers stand ready to bring exemplary service to your roof.

Team with an award-winning, local roofer. Contact PSI Roofing today to learn how we can provide you with the same high level of service hundreds of other customers have come to know and expect. Our premier customer service, our impeccable reliability, and our outstanding performance make us the very best choice for south Florida homeowners and businesses.